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Mt. Lebanon Soccer Association

TSS Photo Day - 2018
Start Group Team Game time Field
8:15 G567 Rost 9:15am Foster
8:20 G567 Hoover-G 9:15am Foster
8:25 B67 Trant-Harrison 9:15am Markham
8:30 B67 McMonagle 9:15am Markham
8:35 B3 Moorhead 9:15am Oval1
8:40 B3 Kletsky 9:15am Oval1
8:45 G34 JohnHorgan 9:15am Oval2
8:50 G34 ChrisHega 9:15am Oval2
8:55 B45 Ummer 9:15am Pony1
9:00 B45 Lazor 9:15am Pony1
9:20 G567 Metz 10:30am Foster
9:25 G567 McElwain 10:30am Foster
9:30 B67 JeremyWells 10:30am Markham
9:35 B67 BridgetLee 10:30am Markham
9:40 B45 Clipper-Cannone 10:45am Oval1
9:45 B45 Conboy 10:45am Oval1
9:50 G34 Ranney 10:45am Oval2
9:55 G34 DanHorgan 10:45am Oval2
10:00 B45 DavidTravis 10:45am Pony1
10:05 B45 Rowles-Mayer 10:45am Pony1
11:00 G567 Ellis Noon Foster
11:05 G567 Bagnato Noon Foster
11:10 B67 Carterhall Noon Markham
11:15 B67 MattRanney Noon Markham
11:20 B3 Hoover 12:15pm Pony1
11:25 B3 Johnson 12:15pm Pony1
11:30 G34 Chulack 12:15pm Pony2
11:35 G34 Rowles 12:15pm Oval2
11:40 B45 Trant 12:15pm Oval3
11:45 B45 Masilunas 12:15pm Oval3

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