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Jun, 2020


The health and safety of our DuBois Little League is always a top priority. After much discussion and contacting our state and local leaders, our action plan and waiver program was approved. The Little League Board has made a decision to start a shortened season for baseball and softball tentatively beginning the week of June 15th. We will be following strict guidelines from Little League International, CDC guidelines, as well as state and local guidelines to protect the health and safety of our players and spectators.
A complete list of guidelines will be emailed to you as well as posted at all fields. We are asking that you abide by these guidelines so we can have a successful and healthy season.
We will be providing a partial refund to parents, $32 for a single player and $80 for family. If you have decided not to play, you will be getting a full refund (note: the $3 processing fee from the registration site is non-refundable). We are asking that you stop at the Little League Concession Stand on the following dates/times to pick up your refund:
June 11th or 12th from 5:00-8:00
June 13th from 11:00-3:00
Parents will also need to review the guidelines along with a waiver to be signed in order to participate. No player will be allowed to participate without a waiver.
To acknowledge that you have received and read the guidelines for participation and ‘sign-off” on the waiver you will need to log into our website where there will be two new questions regarding the guidelines and waiver. Instructions to do so have been attached to this message. WAIVERS MUST BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY!
Although our region was declared green by Governor Wolf, please be mindful that there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our region. As previously stated, we are requesting your full cooperation following the Little League International guidelines as well as the CDC guidelines to protect yourself and others. The CDC continues to strongly recommend the use of face masks and social distancing. We appreciate your cooperation, patience and support throughout this process, together we can make this happen.
Apparel Sale:
Many of you placed apparel orders during registration before everything was shutdown. We are leaving the apparel store open until Friday, the 5th as a last call for orders. Orders should be in by the end of the month.


Some FAQ and Clarifications:

  1. TRYOUTS: There will be no tryouts this year:  Our main goal for this late and very short season is simply to get kids out and playing ball.   The manner in which teams are created/split will vary between divisions based on the number of coaches and players that are still participating.   Regardless of how it’s done our intention for this year is to make the process as fair as possible.  

  2. WAIVERS:  Please make sure you have read and reviewed all of the documents.   DO NOT print and sign the actual paper copies.  Players MUST be signed off in our registration system.  I have created a how-to document to walk you through the process.  These documents have been attached to this post as images.  

  3. REGISTRATION:  We have temporarily re-opened registration for those who wish to play that did not already register.  If you did not register already, you can go to our website ( and register now.  Registrations need to be completed by Friday the 5th!

  4. REFUNDS:  If you can not make it to one of our posted dates/times for refunds we will hold another refund opportunity at a later date once we get the season started.   Worst case we will work with you individually to get it to you.    Regarding the refund amounts, the basic formula is this:  we are cutting registration fees in half.   Single player registration fee $65 -> refund amount $32.  Family registration: $85 -> refund amount $42.  If you paid the opt-out fee for fundraising you will also be refunded that amount in full (since there will be no fundraiser this year).  

  5. REFUNDS (b): We have had a number of people ask about choosing not to get a refund and allow the league to use those funds to meet our expenses for the year.  IF you choose to not receive your refund we ask that you please email us at [email protected] so that we have documentation of that request.  

  6. QUESTIONNAIRE:  The questionnaire was only to get a feel for how many people wished to try to play a season and who did not.  No matter how you answered the questionnaire the only thing that matters is that if you want to play, you need to follow the directions above about signing off on the waiver.  If you do not wish to participate in this season you ONLY need to show up for your refund at the dates established.  By NOT signing the waiver as instructed you are signifying to the league that you do not wish to play. 

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