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What equipment do I need to buy?

Erindale provides each child with a uniform, which varies by age group. For safety and hygiene reasons, each player must provide their own helmet. Helmets must have the appropriate approvals. All female softball players from 10U to 22U must have a helmet with face cage. All players must purchase their own, at any sporting goods retailer. Boys must wear an athletic support (jock strap & cup) in baseball. Jill straps are highly recommended for girls, especially if playing in the catchers position. Protective mouth guards are RECOMMENDED for all players.

Do I have to buy special baseball cleats?

No, it is not mandatory. A good pair of running shoes are fine. However, you may wish to purchase cleats. They provide better traction on damp or wet grass.

What are the age groups?

Co-ed Junior T-Ball 4/5 year olds
Co-ed Senior T-Ball 5/6/7 year olds
Please note that girls, 7 and older play in our 10U softball division. Please visit the Erindale Cardinals website for more information on our girls softball program.
Rookie Ball 7/8/9 year olds (combination of live pitching & machine pitch)
Please note that age and players skill level will be taken into consideration for placement in the above divisions.
Boy's Minor 9/10/11
Boy's Major 10/11/12
Above ages as of August 31, 2021.

When does the season start and how long does it last?

Games begin as follows:
Co-ed T-Ball, Boys Rookie Ball and Little League - Start, mid-May - end, late August.

What nights do they play?

Junior T-Ball:
Convenor TBA [email protected]
*Tuesday and Thursday nights
*60-75 minute games/practices
Senior T-Ball:
TBA [email protected]
*Monday and Wednesday nights
*practice, plus  2-3 inning games
Rookie Ball:
Contact TBA [email protected]
Convenor [email protected]
*One to two games per week. Coach will look to establish regular practice schedule.
*Tuesday and Thursday nights. All games are 6:15PM.
*6 inning games
Minor Little League:
Contact TBA [email protected]
[email protected]
*One to two games per week. Coach will look to establish regular practice schedule.
*Monday and Wednesday nights. Weeknight games are 6:15PM.8:30PM games are scheduled during July and August.
*6 inning games
Major Little League:
Contact TBA [email protected]

Convenor Anna Gulbinski [email protected]
*One to two games per week. Coach will look to establish regular practice schedule.
*Tuesday and Thursday nights. Weeknight games are 6:15/8:30PM.
*6 inning games.

In order to fit a full schedule in, Rookie, Minor and Major will have some games scheduled on Sunday afternoons, and evenings. Sunday is also used as a day to make up games postponed by rain.

Please note that every effort is made to play games on the above nights. However, rescheduled games are played when they can be fit into the schedule. As well, due to available park permits, some games may have to shift to alternate nights

What parks do they play?

All T-Ball, Senior T-ball play games at Springfield park.
Rookie Ball, Minor and Major play at Springfield park.

What is covered in the registration fee?

Your registration fee covers the following:
*uniform (cap/shirt for t-ball; cap, shirt, pants, and socks;
*team and individual picture;
*insurance (ALL our players are insured);
*league administration fees.
*equipment (bats, balls, etc.)
*City of Mississauga diamond user fees.

What method of payment do we accept?

All registrations are done via TeamSnap. Registration information and link is found on our homepage.

Can my children play on the same team?

If you have two (or more) children who would normally play within the same category, (i.e. twin 5 yr olds in Co-ed T-Ball or 11 & 12 year old girls in 12U Softball) we will automatically place them on the same team, unless you request otherwise.

Are there All Star tournament teams? 

Tournament teams are offered (depending on player interest and coach availability), for an additional fee, at the following age groups:
*T-Ball (ages 6-7-8) multiple teams, depending on interest
*Boys 9U/10U/11U/12U. Some ages have more than one team, depending on interest.
*Boys 9/10 yr old (Minor)
*Boys 11/12 yr old (Major)

Registration Fee Assistance

Here are a couple of links to assist those in paying for registration fees:

Parents' Checklist for Success

Here is a list of questions you should consider when your child begins playing in Erindale Little league. If you can honestly answer yes to each one, you will find little trouble ahead.

  • Can you share your son or daughter?

    This means trusting the coach to guide your child's Erindale Little League experiences. It means accepting the coach's authority and the fact that he or she may gain some of your child's admiration that once was directed toward you.

  • Can you admit your shortcomings?

    Sometimes we slip up as parents, our emotions causing us to speak before we think. We judge our child too hastily, perhaps only to learn later the child's actions were justified. It takes character for parents to admit they made a mistake and to discuss it with their child.

  • Can you accept your child's disappointments?

    Sometimes being a parent means being a target for a child's anger and frustration. Accepting your child's disappointment also means watching your child play poorly during a game when all of his or her friends succeed, or not being embarrassed into anger when your 10-year-old breaks into tears after a failure. Keeping your frustration in check will help you guide your son or daughter through disappointments.

  • Can you accept your child's triumphs?

    This sound much easier than it often is. Some parents, not realizing it, may become competitive with their daughter or son, especially if the youngster receives considerable recognition. When a child plays well in a game, parents may dwell on minor mistakes, describe how an older brother or sister did even better, or boast about how they played better many years ago.

  • Can you give your child some time?

    Some parents are very busy, even though they are interested in their child's participation and want to encourage it. Probably the best solution is never to promise more than you can deliver. Ask about your child's Erindale Little league experiences, and make every effort to watch at least some games during the season.

  • Can you let your child make her or his own decisions?

    Decisions making is an essential part of young person's development, and it is a real challenge to parents. It means offering suggestions and guidance but finally, within reasonable limits, letting the child go his or her own way. All parents have ambitions for their children, but parents must accept the fact that they cannot mold their children's lives. Little League offers parents a minor initiation into the major process of letting go.

The Role of Parents in Erindale Little League

Erindale Little League  is an entirely volunteer organization.  The League depends on adults like you to organize and conduct every aspect of it's operations. Not only do adults serve as administrators, volunteer coaches, and umpires they also help with field maintenance, fund-raising, and numerous other special projects. Parents are what make the program a quality experience for all our children. The Erindale Little League can only be as good as we, the parents, make it.

Click here to volunteer by sending an email to [email protected]


Your willingness to exchange time and effort for your child's benefit and enjoyment is very important to the functioning of Erindale Little League. Cheering your daughter or son on from the stands is one important way to be involved, but we invite you to do even more by volunteering to help run the League's program.

Without a doubt, Erindale Little League is a family affair that gives parents and children a common ground for spending time together. Whether you are coaching the players, or bringing a snack for the team after the game, your family will enjoy being a part of Erindale Little League. Most of all, you will appreciate the benefits of your enthusiasm and involvement in his or her activities.

When winning is kept in perspective, there is room for fun in the pursuit of victory or more accurately, the pursuit of victory is fun. With your leadership Erindale Little League can help your child learn to accept responsibilities, accept others and most of all, accept her - or himself.

Parents play a very important role in helping to shape a positive experience for players, coaches, umpires, and other parents! 

Little League Philosophy
Little League is an organization dedicated to bringing the fun of baseball to children around the world. With members from many different countries, Little League baseball can teach our children to become young men and women. Little League believes in three basic principles:1. Character 2. Courage 3. Loyalty The Little League Pledge also helps us understand what Little League baseball is striving for: I trust in God, I love my country and will respect it's laws. I will play fair and strive to win, but win or lose, I will always do my best. From this pledge you can see how Little League can shape boys and girls into young men and women.

Rainout Policy
When it has been raining or is raining a message will be left on the club line 905-277-5081 by 5:00 PM with the status of the games at Springfield. Softball games will only be cancelled by a call from your coach. If it begins to rain after 5:00 PM you will either hear from your coach or go to the park and see if the game is in a delay situation. Generally this determination is made by the forecast and current conditions. If it is just a shower we'll try to go ahead, if it is pouring rain, or has rained all day, the diamonds will be unplayable.

If time permits, we will also try and post a notice on the website.

If there is no message on the club line and no notice on the web site, you are expected to show at the park, on time and ready to play.


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