General Information

Welcome to the Englewood Little League

Please keep in mind that the entire league is made up of volunteers. Every coach, board member, volunteer puts in their time so that your children have the best experience there is.

But we can't do it alone. In other words, we need your help!

To promote participation, we are introducing a new policy for the Spring 2019 season. Your child will not be allowed to play in the league unless one family member helps at 2 practices and 1 game. Only in this way, can we ensure a successful experience for the kids.  Of course, there are parents who volunteer much more of their time, and we hope that they will continue their support.  

No child will be turned away from participation if they are unable to pay the registration fee.

If you have concerns, please notify Steve Gerber at [email protected]

Registration will close Feb 28, 2019.  

Opening day will be April 7, 2019 and the season will run until mid June.  

Games will be played against other teams in the league and teams from other Little Leagues.   

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