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- There is a Fall (Sep-Nov), Winter (Dec-Feb), and Spring (Mar-May) season.

- Registration for the Fall opens in May, Winter in October and Spring in January.

- Practices will be held on Monday or Wednesday nights at 6 or 7 PM or Friday before the game. The coach chooses the night/time.

- All games are played in Gateway at the Soccer Complex at 13260 Griffin Drive.

- The regular season games are played on Friday nights from 6:00-9:00 PM. Playoffs for the top  teams in each division will be on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights the week after the last regular season game.

- We have multiple age divisions that will be adjusted based on registrations.

- There is a $3 nonrefundable service fee our website provider charges. There are early bird and sibling discounts that will automatically be applied when registering.

- Shorts are not included with the registration. There is an option to purchase pocketless shorts during registration; prices are $14.95 for core shorts and $22.99 for reversible team shorts. The shorts and any other item purchased during registration (gloves, socks, sleeves, mouthpiece) will be shipped with the uniforms after teams are assigned. The reason for the delayed shipping is so these items will match the NFL team color your child is assigned to.

- All players that register will make a team; evaluations (Combine) are for rating the kids for the draft.

- You do not have to live in Gateway or attend school in Gateway to play in our league.

- Teams are chosen by the coaches in a draft. 

- Pro or Rec? You will notice there are two choices for ages 7-12 when you register. There are "Pro" divisions and "Rec" divisions. The Pro is what we used to call competitive and are targeted towards more experienced players or players that have a coach they have played for in past seasons. Rec is more for younger/newer players or players that have not connected with a specific coach from past seasons. The rules are exactly the same in Pro and Rec, the main difference is coaches in Pro divisions can protect up to 5 players before they draft their team while Rec coaches can protect up to 2 players. The best way to get on the same team with a specific teammate is to get hooked up with a Pro coach and verify with this coach that your child and the teammate he wants are one of your coach's 5 keepers. Once you have done that put the coach's name in for your coach request during registration. If you have not connected with a coach, you can still select a pro division and your child may be picked as a free agent by a pro coach at the draft. Those not drafted in the Pro divisions drafts will be moved to the corresponding Rec division.

- Every player must have a mouthpiece. Mouthpieces will be available for purchase every week for $5.00.

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NFL Flag at Gateway- serving Gateway, Lehigh Acres, and the Ft. Myers area

13260 Griffin Drive, Sherman Soccer Complex
Fort Myers, Florida 33913