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We are finally getting back on the field and we could not be more excited to work with the kids again! Please read the entire email as there are some important rules to follow, which will help the coaches and players provide a safe and fun environment.  These guidelines are strict for the first 2 weeks and are scheduled to be more relaxed July 6th according to the state guidelines.  This is subject to change.

Our number one priority is to keep all the players as safe as possible while giving them a fun challenging training session.  I think you will feel very comfortable after reading through this information.  

Do not bring a ball. Every player will be given a ball to take home with them. Players need cleats, soccer shoes or sneakers. Shin guards, water and hand sanitizer. We suggest having a bag for the water and hand sanitizer.  

Parent responsibilities:

-Ask the 6 questions (attached) regarding your child, before heading to practice. If any of the answers are YES, please do not come to practice that day.
-Go to the bathroom at home prior to coming to practice
-Provide a personal hand sanitizer for your child to have with he/she in their soccer bag
-Stay in the car, when possible, and practice physical distancing when out of the car**
-Ensure washing hands takes place before and after every training session
-Ensure clothes and equipment are properly sanitized before and after every training session
-Please ties shoe laces tightly as we want to limit the coaches to have to do this in the middle of the session.
**if your child wants you to come with them on the field--this is okay for the first few sessions, parents must have a mask. We have an area set up for you. This young age you never know what mood the child may be in that day.

Players responsibilities:

-Go to the bathroom at home prior to coming to practice
-If you do not feel well, let the coach know
-Bring hand sanitizer
-Bring your own water bottle (no sharing)
-Place soccer bag next to the equipment cone (coach will show you where to go)
-Do not touch anyone else's equipment 
-Do not touch any other players
-Respect physical distancing
-Wash hands before and after the training session
-Wash and sanitize your equipment before and after sanitizing

This seems like a lot of work but we have simplified the process so that if you take care of your responsibilities, it will be a lot easier than you think. We have been out on the field going through the process for over a week to work out the kinks.

Here is how this will work:

1-After parking by field #5 (near the snack stand) please wait in the car until we put up the red soccer flag, that will indicate they can get out of the car and come to where the flag is (a tent will be set up near the field entrance)

2-Check your child in at the flag. There will be white dots to stand on (6ft apart) if there is a line of people.

3-Your child will be shown which training box he/she will be located in for the session. Have them bring their water bottle/soccer bag with them. We will give them a ball at their first session which they will being home with them. One parent (no siblings please) can join the player on the field near the players equipment cone to assist (mask required).

4-Your child will remain in the 8x8 yard box doing activities that are physically and mentally challenging both with and without the ball.

5-Once the session is over we will dismiss players in an organized orderly fashion. We ask that you do not hang around at the field after the practice.

Here is a link to a short video showing our field set up

Regarding the coaches:

We are over staffing to make sure we have things covered.  You will see the same familiar faces.  Coaches are not required to wear masks as they will be physical distancing from the players but they will have a mask available in case they need to attend to a player directly.  

This entire process will get easier as the players, parents and coaches get more familiar with it.  Please remember to ask the 6 questions prior to coming to practice. I may have missed a thing or two and I will update you if needed.

If you have any questions at all please email me. 

We can't wait to see you this week!

Coach Tyler & Staff (Jose, Steve, Katie, Anna)

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