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Vineyard Recreation Policies are not all inclusive and may be changed without notice.


Due to the costs of maintaining city fields and having space to play, we may be limited to the number of individuals that we can have playing in a league. Anyone who registers after a league becomes full will be placed on a waiting list. Participants who are called off of the waiting list are not guaranteed to be on the same team as a requested teammate. They will be assigned to teams where needed if there is still space available in the league after teams have been put together. Having a participant’s name added to the waiting list does not guarantee that he/she will be able to participate in the league. Registration for those called off of the waiting list must be done in-person at the new Vineyard City Hall building.  Those called off of the waiting list will have until the close of the next business day to come in and register in-person (approximately 24 hours). Waiting until the deadline day to register is not encouraged. A nonrefundable $10 late fee will be assessed to all late registrations.

Team Formation Process:

For those who register before early-bird registration ends and before the league is full:

1)      Matching request(s) (not guaranteed)

2)      Neighborhood

3)      Grade/Gender balancing (similar number of younger & older players and similar number of boys & girls)

For those who register late:

1)      Matching request(s)

2)      Players will be placed on teams where they are needed

Vineyard Recreation will accept late registration provided that available vacancies in a league exist.

Team Rules:

-Teams are not allowed to have a player beyond the max # of participants per team. Participants may not change teams within 7 days of the first scheduled season game.

Participants may request TWO friends to play with on the same team during the registration process. These requests are not guaranteed, but will be a focus.

Participants will not be allowed to “play-up” in an older division or “play down” in a younger division, unless the participant is of age 3+ and it is approved by the Recreation Coordinator before 7 days of the first scheduled season game.

Participation Rule:

-Without a waiver signed by a parent/guardian, the participant is NOT allowed to participate in the recreational activity. Unregistered players are NOT allowed to participate in Vineyard Recreation activities. Players are only allowed to participate on one team during the season in the specific league in which they are registered.

8 Scheduled Games Guaranteed:

Game schedules are to be available ten days before the first season game. If a game is cancelled before halftime begins (due to inclement weather or other circumstance), the game will be rescheduled and determined by the Vineyard City Recreation Coordinator. Any game cancelled after halftime has begun will be considered a completed game and will not be made-up. For games with no half-time, please refer to league rules for specific guidelines.


With the help of volunteer coaches, Vineyard recreational leagues can be a success. A focus will be to have all Coaches selected 21 days before the first scheduled season game. One head coach or two assistant coaches are required per team.  If more than one parent volunteers to coach a team, the first coach registered will be assigned. If there are no parent volunteers for a given team, we will reach out to the parent(s)/guardian(s) of each child and ask if they are willing to help. Otherwise, we may ask a college student in the area who is interested in volunteering to help coach (given that he/she passes a background check).

Every coach is required to fill out a criminal background check every 2 years.   The Vineyard Recreation Department reserves the right to eject, suspend, terminate, not invite back, prosecute or render any type of disciplinary action as deemed necessary due to inappropriate behavior, poor sportsmanship and/or any other reason.

A coaches meeting will be held in order to distribute league information, equipment, and rules. Every coach is expected to attend. If a coach is unable to attend, he/she should set up an appointment with the Recreation Coordinator to go over the league information, rules, and watch the power point and/or videos associated with the meeting.

Although not required, Coaches are encouraged to hold practices throughout the season. One organized hour of practice is recommended to each Coach for each week of the season. Coaches are welcome to hold more or less practices than what is recommended according to the coach’s/team’s wishes within reason. Practice days and times will be determined by the coach(es). They must also determine which field they want to practice at and when. Field scheduling is not available through Vineyard Recreation. Due to liability reasons, coaches are not allowed to reschedule games. All rescheduled games are to be scheduled by the Vineyard Recreation Coordinator.

Players and Spectators:

The Vineyard Recreation Department wants to encourage good sportsmanship at all times. We reserve the right to eject, suspend, prosecute, or render any type of disciplinary action as deemed necessary due to inappropriate behavior and/or poor sportsmanship or for any other reason.


Purchasing additional equipment/perks for your team (jackets, hats, names on league shirt, etc) is NOT allowed. Team sponsors are also NOT allowed. We want to ensure that each team receives the same perks and we want to prevent parents from additional costs.

Rain-out Hotline:

In cases of inclement weather where activities may be canceled, parents and coaches have a responsibility to call the Vineyard Recreation Hotline at: 

Games or activities may still be canceled at the site if deemed necessary by the program staff.

Minimum Play Rule:

-Each participant should play 50% of each game for which he/she is present, given that he/she shows up before the game begins and has turned in a signed waiver by a parent/guardian. If an individual shows up after the game begins, he/she should play 50% of the remaining game time.  Attending practices is not a requirement for meeting this rule. However, it is strongly recommended that parents do everything possible to have their child attend each practice. Missing practices prevents your child from an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill about the sport and learn how to work with their team.

Safety Rule:

-If a participant acquires an injury that encourages the need for a doctor/hospital visit, an accident report sheet must be filled out within 24 hours of the occurred injury. Participants of Recreational activities are not allowed to wear jewelry (including watches and earrings). No metal cleats are allowed. All Vineyard Soccer participants age 6+ must wear shin guards or they are not allowed to play. Participants with a cast are not allowed to participate in the recreational activity. All people watching a Vineyard sporting event should sit no closer than 5 feet away from the field out of bounds line.

Refund Rule:

- If a refund is granted before 7 days of the sport tournament/league beginning, a 25% cancel fee is required. No refunds are granted after 7 days before the sport tournament/league begins, unless a season-ending illness or injury occurs. 50% refunds may then be considered for these circumstances when submitted in writing and accompanied by a doctor’s note. No refunds are granted for races.

Supplies Rule:

-Player must pick up their award (if granted), belongings (if left something behind), and team pictures (if purchased) within one week after the event/league ends. Otherwise, the award, belongings, and team pictures will be considered a donation to Vineyard Recreation (which they then may decide what to do with the item(s)). Coaches should turn in team equipment to a Vineyard Recreation Employee on the day of the last scheduled season game of the season. Once equipment is returned, the Coach(es) will receive a Vineyard Recreation Credit to their account.

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