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For those who cannot attend or have board members wishing to attend, we are setup for monthly webinar meetings. The new webinar shortcut will soon be added to this menu.

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District 40 FAQ Page
It is the goal of the district to help all leagues get correct information regarding any/all questions that are important to league administrators, families and players of this district.  We will post questions and answers here to help avoid misunderstandings and/or misinformation.

Q:  Can I obtain permission to play in another league?
A:  NO! Certain requests may be valid, however, Little League is very clear about the rule stating that players must play within the boundaries of the league in which that player resides.
However, a
 league may apply for a waiver for the purpose of obtaining an exception to any rule or regulation. 

If the circumstances are severe enough to warrant the approval of a waiver, then this would be the exception.  Once a waiver is approved, it is normally for regular season only and for the current season only.

Q:  What is the likelihood that a waiver would be approved to enable a player to move to a league outside of the league boundaries in which he/she resides?
A:   It is the policy of Little League that exceptions to the boundary rule will only be made in extraordinary situations, or in the case of a school waiver. The school waiver only applies to a player who prefers to play at a league, whose school is in the boundaries of the league rather than where the player resides. School waivers are only valid while the player attends that school.  This waiver would also qualify the player to be eligible for tournament play.

Q:  Can I place my child to play in multiple leagues?
A:   A player must be registered in the home league where the parents reside.  A player may be on two rosters in a local Little League
program; however, a player shall not register and participate in more than one local Little League program.

Q:  Are District Presidents meetings open to everyone?
A:  No.  District meetings are intended for the President and board of Directors of each chartered league.  An open invitation has been presented to every board member.

Q:  How can I obtain meeting information on what you presented at the Presidents meeting?
A:  All of district 40's meetings are available by live webinars and recordings.  Access to either is by the following:
For those who cannot attend or have board members wishing to attend, we are setup for monthly webinar meetings.  You can call in at 310-372-7549 (enter this code 248582)  or use the web at

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