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Club Costs:  Registration price varies between $35 to $50 for each season that takes please during the year.   Below you can see each season option offered.  Follow this link for a more in-depth description of each season.

  • LITTLE-GUY/USAW-AAU - $35  (Regular Season Option.  This is the most common season selected.)

What should my child wear to practice:  Workout clothes and wrestling shoes are needed for all practice.  Clean wrestling clothes are required prior to each practice.  No items with buttons, snaps, zippers or other metal.  No jewelry. 

Practice Requirements:  Practice is not required, you can attend as little or as much as you wish.  You get out of it what you put in.

  Wrestling is a contact sport; it is not uncommon to see skin infections such as ring worm and impetigo as well other conditions.  Due to the close skin contact of the sport, we asked that you take your child home and immediately shower them (anti-bacterial soap is recommended).  We also require their practice clothes are washed before they are re-worn. 

What should my child wear to tournaments:
  The club does provide a singlet for wrestlers but it requires a $40 deposit (check/cash) that will be returned to you or destroyed at the end of the season upon the return of the singlet .  Headgear is optional instate but often required by USAW for regional/national level tournaments.  If you wish for your child to wear headgear in practice or tournaments you will need to purchase that for your child.  Your wrestler is required to wear their club shirt (given to you upon registration) at each tournament so they are easily identified by the coaches.  Wrestling shoes are also required.

What tournaments do we attend: The club will provide a list of tournaments at the beginning of the season that they are supporting by having coaches present.  Each tournament will have a registration fee of $7.00 - $25.00 (typically); with the exception of the Montana Open and other out of state events that cost more. You can register your wrestlers for the tournament (excluding Little Guy) using Please see the club website tab "How to use Trackwrestling" for the instructions or contact Amber Downing with questions. Tournaments are not required; you choose if you want to attend.  You are individually responsible for each tournament registration cost.  We will support a variety of tournaments from different affiliations:  Little Guy, AAU, USAW, and National “Open” Tournaments.  You can also attend tournaments on your own if you have someone willing to coach your child.  Some tournaments require an overnight stay; if you choose to stay, we have a list of motel blocks posted in the wrestling room.  Please book them soon, as many do expire weeks before the actual tournament.  The club does not cover costs of motels.

Communication means:  Website, Remind, Facebook, E-Mail.  Please make sure we have all the appropriate contact information for you!

Coaching opportunities:  Want to coach?  Please let Coach Thompson or one of the other Flathead Valley Wrestling Club Coaches know!  Coaching requires you get your USAW card, which includes a background check.  Once that is complete you are official. 

Table Work:  Every tournament requires that our club sends table workers.  We usually have to send at least two workers.  Table work consists of running the time clock, or the computer.  We will ask people to volunteer so the same person isn’t working a table every weekend.  This is a great opportunity to get to know the refs, coaches, and kids.  Table workers get in free to the tournaments, and many venues will pay a small fee for you to work as well as provide you with snacks/lunch.

Officials:  The club is required to send a ref to a lot of tournaments.  We will need volunteers!

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