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Jeff/GRC PeeWee Division Rules

1.       Games will be 4 complete innings or 1:15 no new inning

2.       Each team will bat entire roster

3.       Peewee division will use the “Jugs PS50 Perfect Strike” machine

a.       The machine should be 40 feet from home plate

b.       It will be set to 35 mph

4.       Each batter will receive 5 pitches from the machine (can swing at all 5)

5.       If the batter does not hit the ball off the machine they will then hit off the tee

a.       A ball hit to the outfield is allotted a maximum of 2 bases for the batter or   any runner(s) on base(s)

b.       A ball hit in the infield is allotted a maximum of 1 base for the batter or any   runner(s) on base(s)

6.       The defense will play the ball and try to get any runner or the batter out

a.       The defense should be position in the infield and outfield

b.       There will be no catcher in this division

c.       If the batter or runner is put out by the defense then they will return to the   dugout

d.       Every time the defensive team makes 3 outs, the bases will be cleared and   the offensive team will continue batting until they bat their entire lineup.


A's PeeWee Baseball

Bryan Trzewik, Manager

Connor Boesche
Korie Bradley
Liam Childs
Charlee Cooley
Amelia Denbo
Riley Hampton
Kylee Lambert
Charles Petty
Henry Stith
Brylee Trzewik

Royals PeeWee Baseball

Bryan Maggard, Manager

Gus Dooley
Hudson Maggard
Nash Maggard
Sean Mattingly
Devonte Mitchel
Donald Perry
Carter Rhoton
Bentley Roberts
Lukas Smith
logan whitaker


Reds PeeWee Baseball

Mike O'Brien, Manager

Eric Byers
Luke Evans
Malachi Jackson
Richard LaFlamme
Ella Meyer
Jameson O'Brien
Grayson Sariscsany
Hunter Turner
Tommy Wheat
Colton Williams

Braves PeeWee Baseball

Jason Spears, Manager

Blake Finch
William Hicks
Grace Niemi
Tate Polete
Camden Robinson
Nolan Spears
Connor Stillwell
Haddon Walker
Pax Walker
Axel Wells

Indians PeeWee Baseball

Michaela Stanton, Manager

Isley Dozal
Caleb Hamilton
Jordan Millbranth
Jacob Miller
Harrison Newman
Keyton Smith
Mavryx Smith
Iris Stewart
Grayson Wells

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