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Capelli Sport Complex

Development Steps

Many parents ask us the question "So what's next?"  Below we have outlined for you a detailed picture of the development steps we think are appropriate for your child within our programs. This is based on years of experience and combines a mix of different convenient training opportunities while allowing the player to try other sports/activities. You can play as much or as little soccer as you would like based on what your scheduled allows.

Coach Tyler Isaacson and his hand-picked staff will focus on improving basic individual skills, developing coordination, and assisting with the process of becoming comfortable with the ball within a fun-filled, learning environment.


Beginners Program-where most of the players start with us
Boys and Girls Ages 4-7

If your child is 4 years old- they are FREE for all of our outdoor beginners programs*. You must complete the registration. You can join at any time. We do not accept 3 year olds.  INFO HERE

Advanced Beginners Program-after going through our beginners program 
Girls and Boys Ages 4-7

For players who have attended our beginners program already or are not true beginners and have some experience. 

Players are put in groups with similar skill level and will experience hundreds of touches on the ball.  INFO HERE 

Recreation Soccer-a chance for all levels to play against similar competition

Girls and Boys

Children entering Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second grade. Directed by Cedar Stars Academy, this is a modified program that is an "organized pick up format" in a relaxed atmosphere.  There will be a small warm up session with a ball then the players will be divided up into different teams for game play.  INFO HERE


ROOTS Developmental Program-a larger commitment with training and games against other towns
Girls and Boys Ages 5 and 6

The ROOTS program is to provide our youngest age group a structure with age appropriate training, a positive development environment, and maintaining a fun enjoyable experience. We start with quality coaches who are passionate, supportive and exemplary role models of sportsmanship.

We are aligned with US Soccer's Player Development Guidelines and Principles, ensuring your player gets the quality instruction they deserve to help them enjoy the game and grow & develop within it. Why 4v4 format?

Due to the fact that this maybe a player’s first ever experience with an organized sport, we offer a few options which enable the players to play soccer while trying other activities as well. We offer fall, winter, spring or our full year program where you save $$. INFO HERE