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2019 Cheer Parent Meeting: Everything You Need To Know
Click to watch the 2019 Cheer Parent Meeting

Cheer Coordinator Tori Kelley 407.999.6362     Email: [email protected]


Tiny Mites (TM) Ages 5,6,7
Cheer for the 6U Football Team

Head Coach Tammy Morales

Assistant Coach Sherri Giguere


Mitey Mites (MM) Ages 8&9
Cheer for 8U Football Team

Head Coach Tori Kelley

Assistant Coaches Ianna Paul, Dominique Edwards, Jessica George

Junior Coach Emma Ostmann


Junior Varsity (JV) Ages 10-13
 Cheer for 12U Football Team

Head Coach Bea Pacheco

Assistant Coaches: Mallory Preyer, Karen Drawdy



Where: Gray Middle School

When: 6 PM – 7:30 PM )Tiny Mites end at 7 PM

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


Please be on time. We start at 6 and literally build girls on top of each other. If one is missing, the whole pyramid comes down.


NOTE: We have to get 20 hours in before we can do stunts and jumps so the first two weeks, all cheer teams of all ages will meet every day, Monday through Thursday 6-8pm, until August 12th. This is different from football that keeps Wednesday until Labor Day.


Parking at Practice

Please park outside the fence on the side with houses. If you park on the school side, you could get a ticket and be towed. Only badged volunteers may park inside for safety.

Parents need to bring their children to their coach, please don’t let them run off alone.

Please remain on the field or buddy up your child with another responsible adult in case of sports injury or lightning.

Sometimes lightning will interrupt our practice and you’ll need to wait out the storm in your car with your child.

Florida rain doesn’t last long, so we will text the group when practice can resume.

Subscribe To Text Alerts:

Rain Football: Text 81010 say, @cdk4ff

Before each practice make sure your child:

Eats a meal and goes to the bathroom

Has sunscreen and or bug spray applied

Please bring these items to every practice in your bag:

Water bottle, bigger is better!

Towel, blanket, or yoga mat (Ross/TJMaxx has these for cheap)

hair ties

baby wipes

Frog togg or cooling rag, Dicks $2, a dishtowel also works

Feminine products



Cheerleaders must:

Leave cell phones behind - this is a distraction

Keep nails short – Cheer is a contact sport and you could hurt other girls

Nail polish is not allowed at games

No makeup - could rub off on other cheerleaders. Cheer is a contact sport.

No jewelry – could get snagged and cause injury to players


Practice wear is included in your registration price, or any athletic clothes that you can move in, stretchy shorts, t-shirt are all good

Hair up off face: ponytail, bun, braids, no beads allowed in hair

Cheer shoes with any socks (save your uniform socks for game days only). You may wear any sneakers if on backorder. Double knot laces, please!

How We Practice:

To build a stronger, closer community of girls and coaches we will begin practice with all ages together for our run, warm-up and cheers, then break into squads for more age appropriate goals

Practice Schedule:


Warmup stretching/yoga


Stunts/Jumps after we’ve completed our 20 hours.

Cool down/team spirit finish

Please come inside the fence and pick up your child from practice on time

Practice ends at 7:30 for MM and JV and 7 for TM,

(Please note, until August 12 practice ends at 8pm to get in our 20 hours)

Children are not allowed to run toward the street and be picked up valet style. Park and come get them for their safety.

Talking to your coach

Please address issues after practice or by phone. During practice, your coach will be focusing on the kids.

Please talk with your coach first before involving the cheer coordinator or other board members.

If you are upset

We’re all human and make mistakes sometimes, or our methods are different from your expectations, or we’re just clashing with different personalities. We’re trying our best and are all volunteers.

Please take a day to cool off and come to us with a possible solution rather than just a complaint. It takes a village to run this organization and that village includes you. We are all on the same side. Help us, help you. Our league will be stronger if we work together.

Game Day

 AUG 17-Oct 12

Check FB and our text messaging system for time and location details

Every Saturday there is a game, rain or shine

August 17: Jamboree

Jamboree is a practice game

This year it’s against Umatilla and Edgwater @Edgewater H.S.

2019-2021 Cheer Uniform For the Next 3 Years

Save money by passing down uniforms or selling them when your child grows out of them.

Buy only the pieces you need as they grow out of them

Use them again and save money by only ordering what you need.

All the pieces are yours to keep!

Here’s what’s included in our cheer package:

shell, skirt, bloomers

cheer socks and shoes

practice tshirt and shorts

game bow, pink bow

2 silver pompoms


How to look for games

Shell (tank top), skirt, bloomers

Cheer socks and shoes

Crop top is only worn for competition and SLHS night, unless we get a crazy cold snap.

Hair is always in a high pony with game day bow

Bring Poms and your bag filled as for practice

Giant Water Bottle is a must

October is breast cancer awareness month:

Wear the pink bow.

Optional: any pink socks and laces

Cheer hack for bows:

  1. Keep your bow in a sandwich Tupperware so it doesn’t get crushed

  2. Use a plain elastic to make your ponytail, then add your bow as a second elastic

  3. Cut the elastic and simply tie in a knot around your already formed ponytail

Cleaning uniform

Wash inside out, with cold water, on delicate cycle. Line dry or it will shrink!

Wearing uniforms to school is allowed on Fridays! Wear the complete thing, don’t wear a few pieces, it’s all or nothing here. Bows can be worn anytime you want.

Game times will be posted in the text app and on FB.

Girls need to arrive 1 hour before game time for book check.


Encourage girls to practice picking them up. Use a blade motion with your hands to get in there to the baton handle through all the fluff.

Poms will be given out during practice in week 2.


We take turns on snack week. You’ll be assigned by your coach, if you have a conflict, swap dates with another parent and let your coach know.

Snacks should include: Gatorade, Water, fruit, and a snack pack, like goldfish.

Concession at Home Games

Parents take turns running this. You’ll be assigned a date and time by your coach. If you have a conflict that day, call and switch with another parent and let your coach know about the change.

Concession is our biggest fundraiser and because your shift will be the hour before your child’s game, you won’t miss a thing.


It Costs 40K to run this league. Nobody gets paid, we’re all volunteers.

That money pays for equipment, field rental, referees, and insurance. Your registration pays for part of this and the rest is from donations and sponsors and concession sales.

Discount Cards

You’ll be getting discount cards to sell for $10 each, if you were not on scholarship and you paid the registration yourself, you’ll get 3 cards to sell and you can pocket the money as a $30 rebate for your registration fee. So, $325 goes down to $295

Competition Dates

October 13, TM/MM

November 3, JV


TM is exposition only. MM compete this year for the first time ever!

Where: Silver Spurs,

When: Arrive at 7am. Stay until about 3pm

No food or drink is allowed inside. Please send girls with $15-20 for food and water.

Tickets go on sale in advance. Cost is less if you preorder. Last year they were around $20/13 (adult/children). Cheerleaders competing get free admission.

Parking is $7 cash only

If MM/JV win, they’ll advance and have regionals Thanksgiving weekend.

If they win they advance to Nationals Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Dec 7-13.

Lots of fundraising will be required if we get this far.

Optional Personalized Items Available For Sale

Warmups jackets $65

Pants $25

Bags $30

Payment plans available with credit card

Please contact the cheer coordinator to order.

Tori Kelley 407.999.6362 or email [email protected]

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