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If you have a question please reach out to your Coach or Team Parent first.

If you still need something, please reach out to the Division Head.

Majors- Julio Laguarta - [email protected]
Minors- Cris Bera - [email protected]
MP-Eric Houston - [email protected]
CP-Jason Vogler - [email protected]
TB-Nathan Hennessy - [email protected]

If you still need something, please reach out to the Player Agent.
Philip Beck @ [email protected]

If you still need something, please reach out to the League President.
Shannon Petrick @ [email protected]

If it is regarding Safety contact Trey Christensen @ [email protected]

General information: [email protected]

Neartown Little League 2021 Baseball Calendar



November 14

Registration Opens

January 9

Major and Minor A Tryouts @ STIX

January 29-31

Academy Sports 20% off – Neartown League discount weekend


Possible- Equipment Donation and Exchange

February 20

Registration officially closes

February 20

Minors, Machine Pitch, Coach Pitch and T Ball - Makeup Tryouts / Player Evaluation = Location - TBD


Major team – Games begin

February 27Tryout / Evaluations 
March 5-7 Academy Sport 20% Discount- League weekend (get baseball pants and equipment needed 4 season)

March 7

Mandatory Coaches Safety Meeting 

March 1-5

Drafts Minors, Machine Pitch, Coach Pitch & T Ball

March 6-10Player Team confirmed - Coaches should reach out to players

March 12 (drop date March 15)

Team Sponsorship Due (Logo: pdf or jpeg) If possible earlier please

Early March

Practice officially begins (Minor, Machine Pitch, CP and TB)

March 15 (no changes after this date)

Team Jersey/hat order placed

March 27

Opening Day – No Annual Parade due to COVID


Individual and Team Pictures will be scheduled per team

Early April

Post Season Tournament Documentation boundary check


(Mandatory for all potential players Majors, Minors and Machine Pitch)

Mid to late AprilTB and CP Event
Mid to late April MP / Minor / Major Event 

Due to Rain- Rescheduled- TBD

Closing Day Celebration with Home Run Derby

Blue Gray Tournament 9U, 11U & 12U : June 1 - June 13 (proof of NLL player age)
 Little League District 16 Tournament 9U - June 12
(Player NLL Boundaries requirements) 11U - June 19
  12U - June 26

Games typically held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday Make up games – during week if no weekend available Light game schedule until after April 12 (Easter) Then 2 games per week until the end of the season

NOTE: All makeup games completed before Memorial Day weekend May 25


Field Status

Open Open

HNLL Heights Norhill Fields (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field 2 (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Weber (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Batting Cage (11:51 PM | 02/21/18)

Open Open

Field (06:49 PM | 02/07/20)

Open Open

Carnegie Vanguard HS (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Batting Cage (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

MMSC Haddon (02:24 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Field (10:45 AM | 02/26/20)

Open Open

POLL Post Oak Fields (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

Open Open

Pin Oak (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

WLL Westbury Fields (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

Open Open

Field A (05:03 PM | 02/25/20)

Open Open

Field B (05:17 PM | 03/30/21)