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Registrations now being accepted

Registrations now being accepted


Practice Schedule
           Diamond 1                              Diamond 2                                     Diamond 3

8:00                                                         Aftershock                                   Bob's Building

10:00      At Home Mortgage                        NB Fire                                    Paul's Electric 

12:00       Ark Angel                                    Liberty                                                 APC   

        2:00       Pine Grove                             Lebeau's                                                SWQ 

4:00           Poyant's                             McCann's                                                    
6:00                                                  12U Blitz                                                   

8:00     14U Blitz                                    A Division                                           

           10:00     14U Blitz                                     A Division                                                            



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D Division

Due to the Coronavirus issue, "D" division will not be scheduled this season.

Per USA Softball, we cannot start the season on Monday, July 6th.

We are starting games on Monday, July 13, per phase 3 guidelines.




1151+7/6/2020+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 2VBob's Building
11757/8/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2HAPC Auto
1185+7/13/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2VAPC Auto
11777/15/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2HPaul's Electric
1158+7/20/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2VBob's Building
1157+7/22/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1HPaul's Electric
1145+7/27/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2VAPC Auto
1142+7/29/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1HPaul's Electric
1148+8/3/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2HBob's Building
11478/5/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2VPaul's Electric
1165+8/10/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1VAPC Auto


6:00 pm

Diamond 1HBob's Building
1151+08/17/20+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 2VBob's Building
1175+08/19/20+Wed5:45 pmDiamond 2HAPC Auto

Paul's Electric

150+7/6/2020+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 1VAPC Auto
11747/8/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1HBob's Building
1154+7/13/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1HBob's Building
11777/15/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2VSWQ
11807/20/2020Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1HAPC Auto
1157+7/22/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1VSWQ
1144+7/27/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1VBob's Building
1142+7/29/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1VSWQ
1160+8/3/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1HAPC Auto
11478/5/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2HSWQ
1164+8/10/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2VBob's Building
1149+8/12/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2HAPC Auto
150+08/17/20+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 1VAPC Auto
1174+08/19/20+Wed5:45 pmDiamond 1HBob's Building

Bob's Building

1151+7/6/2020+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 2HSWQ
11747/8/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1VPaul's Electric
1154+7/13/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1VPaul's Electric
11737/15/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1HAPC Auto
1158+7/20/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2HSWQ
11637/22/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2VAPC Auto
1144+7/27/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1HPaul's Electric
1143+7/29/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2VAPC Auto
1148+8/3/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2VSWQ
1153+8/5/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1HAPC Auto
1164+8/10/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2HPaul's Electric
1168+8/12/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1VSWQ
1150+08/17/20+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 1VAPC Auto
1174+08/19/20+Wed5:45 pmDiamond 1HBob's Building

APC Auto

1150+7/6/2020+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 1HPaul's Electric
11757/8/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2VSWQ
1185+7/13/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2HSWQ
11737/15/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1VBob's Building
11807/20/2020Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1VPaul's Electric
11637/22/2020Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2HBob's Building
1145+7/27/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2HSWQ
1143+7/29/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2HBob's Building
1160+8/3/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1VPaul's Electric
1153+8/5/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 1VBob's Building
1165+8/10/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 1HSWQ
1149+8/12/2020+Wed6:00 pmDiamond 2VPaul's Electric

1150+08/17/20+Mon5:45 pmDiamond 1HPaul's Electric
1175+08/19/20+Wed5:45 pmDiamond 2VSWQ

B Division
(B Division FINAL games on Wednesday, 8/19, WILL be night games starting at 8:15)


11347/7/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2HMcCann's Painting
11367/9/2020Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2HLebeau's Tavern
11267/14/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1VLebeau's Tavern
1097+7/16/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Fire
1116+7/21/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1HLebeau's Tavern
1104+7/23/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2VMcCann's Painting
1114+7/28/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2HMcCann's Painting
1107+7/30/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Fire
11278/4/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Fire
1124+8/6/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2VMcCann's Painting
1137+8/11/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Fire
1134+08/13/20+Thu5:45 pmDiamond 2HMcCann's Painting
1136+08/18/20+Tue5:45 pmDiamond 2HLebeau's Tavern
106+08/19/20+Wed8:15 pmDiamond 2VLebeau's Tavern


11347/7/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
1112+7/9/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Fire
1132+7/14/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2VNew Bedford Fire
1109+7/16/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2HLebeau's Tavern
1122+7/20/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Fire
1102+7/21/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Fire
1104+7/23/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2HLiberty
1114+7/28/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
1129+7/30/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1HLebeau's Tavern
1119+8/4/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1VLebeau's Tavern
1124+8/6/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2HLiberty
1139+8/11/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VLebeau's Tavern
1134+08/13/20+Thu5:45 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
112+08/18/20+Tue5:45 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Fire
1122+08/19/20+Wed8:15 pmDiamond 1HNew Bedford Fire

New Bedford Fire

11337/7/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1VLebeau's Tavern
1112+7/9/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1HMcCann's Painting
1132+7/14/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2HMcCann's Painting
1097+7/16/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1HLiberty
1122+7/20/2020+Mon6:00 pmDiamond 2VMcCann's Painting
1102+7/21/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2VMcCann's Painting
1103+7/23/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1HLebeau's Tavern
1113+7/28/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1VLebeau's Tavern
1107+7/30/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
11278/4/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
1123+8/6/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1HLebeau's Tavern
1137+8/11/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1HLiberty
133+08/13/20+Thu5:45 pmDiamond 1VLebeau's Tavern
1112+08/18/20+Tue5:45 pmDiamond 1HMcCann's Painting
1122+08/19/20+Wed8:15 pmDiamond 1VMcCann's Painting


11337/7/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1HNew Bedford Fire
11367/9/2020Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
11267/14/2020Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1HLiberty
1109+7/16/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 2VMcCann's Painting
1116+7/21/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1VLiberty
1103+7/23/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Fire
1113+7/28/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1HNew Bedford Fire
1129+7/30/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1VMcCann's Painting
1119+8/4/2020+Tue6:00 pmDiamond 1HMcCann's Painting
1123+8/6/2020+Thu6:00 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Fire
1139+8/11/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HMcCann's Painting
1133+08/13/20+Thu5:45 pmDiamond 1HNew Bedford Fire
1136+08/18/20+Tue5:45 pmDiamond 2VLiberty
1106+08/19/20+Wed8:15 pmDiamond 2HLiberty

AAA Division

Ark Angels

2337/6/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage
12357/8/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage
12377/13/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1HPoyant Signs
12397/15/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1VPine Grove Chiropractic
12417/20/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1HAt Home Mortgage
12437/22/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1VPoyant Signs
12457/27/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1VPine Grove Chiropractic
1211+7/29/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1HPine Grove Chiropractic
1226+8/3/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2HPoyant Signs
1227+8/5/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1HAt Home Mortgage
1230+8/10/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2HPine Grove Chiropractic
1220+8/12/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2VPoyant Signs
1235+08/17/20+Mon8:15 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage
123308/18/20Tue8:15 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage

At Home Mortgage

12337/6/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel
12357/8/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel
12387/13/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2VPine Grove Chiropractic
12407/15/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2VPoyant Signs
12417/20/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1VArk Angel
12447/22/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2HPine Grove Chiropractic
12467/27/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2VPoyant Signs
1212+7/29/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2HPoyant Signs
1225+8/3/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1HPine Grove Chiropractic
1227+8/5/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1VArk Angel
1229+8/10/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1HPoyant Signs
1219+8/12/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1HPine Grove Chiropractic
1235+08/17/20+Mon8:15 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel
123308/18/20Tue8:15 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel

Pine Grove

12347/6/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2HPoyant Signs
12367/8/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2VPoyant Signs
12387/13/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2HAt Home Mortgage
12397/15/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel
12427/20/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2HPoyant Signs
12447/22/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2VAt Home Mortgage
12457/27/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel
1211+7/29/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1VArk Angel
1225+8/3/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage
1228+8/5/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2VPoyant Signs
1230+8/10/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2VArk Angel
1219+8/12/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage
1236+08/17/20+Mon8:15 pmDiamond 2VPoyant Signs
1234+08/18/20+Tue8:15 pmDiamond 2HPoyant Signs


12347/6/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2VPine Grove Chiropractic
12367/8/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2HPine Grove Chiropractic
12377/13/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1VArk Angel
12407/15/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2HAt Home Mortgage
12427/20/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2VPine Grove Chiropractic
12437/22/2020Wed8:00 pmDiamond 1HArk Angel
12467/27/2020Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2HAt Home Mortgage
1212+7/29/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2VAt Home Mortgage
1226+8/3/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 2VArk Angel
1228+8/5/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2HPine Grove Chiropractic
1229+8/10/2020+Mon8:00 pmDiamond 1VAt Home Mortgage
1220+8/12/2020+Wed8:00 pmDiamond 2HArk Angel
236+08/17/20+Mon8:15 pmDiamond 2HPine Grove Chiropractic
1234+08/18/20+Tue8:15 pmDiamond 2VPine Grove Chiropractic

A Division

Century House

10507/7/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VNew Bedford Police
10517/9/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1VKatman Sports
10537/14/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1VKatman Sports
10557/16/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1HNew Bedford Police
10577/21/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1HTremblay Bus
1032+7/23/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2VNew Bedford Police
1048+7/28/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HTremblay Bus
1247+7/30/2020+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 1HKatman Sports
1044+8/4/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Police
1042+8/6/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2VTremblay Bus
1045+8/11/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1HKatman Sports
1051+08/13/20+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 1VKatman Sports

Katman Sports

0497/7/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1VTremblay Bus
10517/9/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1HCentury House
10537/14/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1HCentury House
10567/16/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2VTremblay Bus
10587/21/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Police
1031+7/23/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1VTremblay Bus
1047+7/28/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1HNew Bedford Police
1247+7/30/2020+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 1VCentury House
1043+8/4/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1HTremblay Bus
1041+8/6/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1VNew Bedford Police
1045+8/11/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1VCentury House
051+08/13/20+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 1HCentury House

New Bedford Police

10507/7/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HCentury House
10527/9/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2VTremblay Bus
10547/14/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HTremblay Bus
10557/16/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1VCentury House
10587/21/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VKatman Sports
1032+7/23/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2HCentury House
1047+7/28/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1VKatman Sports
1248+7/30/2020+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 2HTremblay Bus
1044+8/4/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VCentury House
1041+8/6/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1HKatman Sports
1046+8/11/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2HTremblay Bus
1052+08/13/20+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 2VTremblay Bus

Tremblay Bus

10497/7/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1HKatman Sports
10527/9/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Police
10547/14/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VNew Bedford Police
10567/16/2020Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2HKatman Sports
10577/21/2020Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1VCentury House
1031+7/23/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 1HKatman Sports
1048+7/28/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VCentury House
1248+7/30/2020+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 2VNew Bedford Police
1043+8/4/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 1VKatman Sports
1042+8/6/2020+Thu8:00 pmDiamond 2HCentury House
1046+8/11/2020+Tue8:00 pmDiamond 2VNew Bedford Police
1052+08/13/20+Thu8:15 pmDiamond 2HNew Bedford Police


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