Almaden LL Families: Almaden LL has been closely monitoring the updated guidance from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and Little League International regarding the ability to resume youth sports activities. The most recent updates to its shelter-in-place order from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, which went into effect on June 5, 2020, specifically addresses and now allows for organized recreational sports activities for children.  This current reopening of such sports activities for children does come with certain limitations and protocols to ensure the safety of all participants.

Accordingly, for Almaden LL, the initial step in this process is resuming individual team practices which will be limited to 12 players, plus coaches. The timing for resumption of games is still to be determined, but our initial goal is to get the kids back outside benefiting from exercise, but to do so in a safe manner following the social distancing protocols and guidelines provided by the Santa Clara Public Health Department and Little League International.

Many coaches and families are asking for specifics regarding our plan to safely resume practices. Here are two important links that are providing the fundamental guidelines for how we resume practices and ultimately, when the time comes and when allowed by the County, the resumption of games:

all covid-19 social distancing posting.pdf

Checklist of reminders for parents, coaches and players:

  • Adults/Parents – Need to wear masks when around other Adults at the field.
  • Adults/Parents – Need to practice social distancing – 6 feet apart
  • Adults/Parents – do not lean on fences around the entrances to the fields
  • Adults/Parents – Are encouraged to watch from outfield

  • Coaches are required to wear masks when arriving and departing field.
  • Coaches – need to wear mask when in close proximity of players and off the field when around other adults
  • Coaches spray down any surfaces (Locks, Fences) that wear used during practice and equipment (rakes, L-Screen) that was used during practice.  (Spray bottle of Bleach Water)
  • Coaches if a player is visibly sick need to call parent and have player removed
  • Coaches that are sick should not attend practice
  • Coaches should use their own equipment and balls (no sharing equipment/balls from Team to Team)

  • Players are encouraged to wear masks when arriving and departing the field
  • Players need to space all the equipment bags 6 feet apart on the field/fence
  • Players need to social distance as best they can on/off the playing field
  • Players no touching the fences when entering and leaving
  • Players use Hand Sanitizer periodically during practice
  • Players that are sick should not attend practice

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