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Live sessions and helpful links

June 1

This schedule will be updated weekly and will list different soccer learning sessions. Both live and recorded training sessions by our beginners/ROOTS staff.  We will also include a number of fun links that will help keep your child active.

Athletes who desire to SELF TRAIN can proceed ONLY with the permission of their parent(s) and under the direct supervision of their parent(s). Parents will be fully responsible for the SAFETY and HEALTH of their children should they decide to self train.  Before beginning this or any exercise program, make sure you have your parents approval.


1:00-1:45pm LIVE Coach Jose 2013-2016 Boys/Girls
Beginner players
Platform: Zoom
Meeting ID: 863 6240 0305
Password: 060900



2:00-2:45pm LIVE Coach Jose 2013-2016 Boys/Girls
ROOTS/Advanced Beginner players
Platform: ZOOM
Meeting ID: 863 6240 0305
Password: 060900

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