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Tackle Football Program


LHYSL – Licking Heights Youth Sports League

Tackle Football Info Sheet

LHYSL Terms, Disclosures, and Conditions on page 2 below

LHYSL provides a competitive and fun football experience for 1st to 6th graders.  We will teach fundamentals, conditioning, discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork as it pertains to full-contact tackle football.

Each participant will be supplied a certified Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Game Pants (padded), Practice Jersey, and a Game Jersey.  Participant is responsible for Mouthpiece, Practice Pants, and Football Cleats (shoes).  Socks will be arranged through the Team Mom at a charge.

·   Tackle Football program is made up of 3 divisions

ü  Mini Division – 1st & 2nd Graders (Age eligibility: not 9 yrs before 8/1)

ü  Junior Division – 3rd & 4th Graders (Age eligibility: not 11 yrs before 8/1)

ü  Senior Division – 5th & 6th Graders (Age eligibility: not 13 yrs before 8/1)

Each division may have more than one team depending on registration numbers (maroon, gold, white).

·   Football General Information

ü  A player combine will take place that will last for 2 days (weather permitting).  The coaches will run the players through a series of non contact drills to evaluate their skills.

ü  A player draft will take place (usually right after the combine) to pick players to specific teams.

ü  Each team will try to have no more than 20 players, if then the division will be split into more than one team.  This is at the discretion of the Football director and actual number of players.

ü  Each team will have 1 Head Coach and at least 3, up to 6 Assistant Coaches.  All coaches will be trained for concussion protocol.

ü  There are weight limits for players who can advance the ball for each division.

ü  Practices will usually be during the week at LH High School, normally three practices per week.  Practice days and location to be determined by the Head Coach.

ü  LHYSL will not have 2 consecutive days of contact in full pads (practice or games).  Hitting tackling dummies or blocking shields is NOT considered full contact.  Those practices will be Helmet only.

ü  Transportation to and from practices and games is the responsibility of the Parents.

ü  Each team will have a Team Mom.  This person is the point of contact for all information, communication, and fundraising efforts for the team.

·   Football Game Information

ü  LHYSL is in association with the LCLYF (Licking County League Youth Football) and will have home and away games with other teams in Licking County.  LCLYF rules apply.  Travel is required for away football games and the responsibility of the parents.

ü  Games will be competitive with Referees, a game clock, and yard markers on officially marked fields.

§  Mini Field is 60 yds long/35.5 yds wide, 7:00 quarter clock, no kicks/punts, 2 coaches on field

§  Junior Field is full 100 yds, 8:00 quarter clock, no kicks or punts, 1 coach on field

§  Senior Field is full 100 yds, 8:00 quarter clock, no kicks, free punts, no coaches on field

ü  Scoring:  Touchdown=6 pts., Extra Point Run=1 pt., Extra Point Pass=2 pts., Safety=2 pts.

ü  Each player will get a min. of 8-10 plays per game, this is recorded on the field during the game.

The above is informational ONLY. All official rules for game and management are in accordance to LHYSL and LCLYF rules (governed by OHSAA rules).  Refer to the LHYSL and LCLYF websites for official documentation.

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