Suburban Little League Families - The time has come for us to update all of you on what we now know of our 2020 Season at Suburban Little League.  This was not an easy decision but one that we feel was made with all of you and your family’s safety as a top priority!  We have waited patiently to put together the pieces of the puzzle that we were given to make this decision. 

First, we would like to say thank you for your patience.  Your participation in our survey played a major role in allowing us to work for you.  After reviewing the guidelines set forth by Little League International, the COVID-19 restrictions set forth by Governor Carney including the phase in dates, and your survey - the Suburban Little League Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 season.  This was not an easy decision to make and after meeting with our District we feel this decision is the best decision to protect our players, parents, volunteers, and coaches.  

The board is prepared to offer refunds or to transfer the fees over to next year!  In the next few days, you will receive an email that will give you the choice of a refund, partial refund, or a credit to the following season.  Please keep in mind that we do everything we can to keep our families first!  By making this decision now, we are able to provide you with the option of a refund or the option of a credit for next year!  Those who opt for a refund will receive a refund by check.  There will not be an electronic deposit as we will need to show proof of receipt by check.  Any work bonds/concession checks will be voided and shredded.  If you paid cash for any of these bonds, you will also receive this in a form of a check to show receipt of refund.  Only those that request a refund, will receive the check via mail due to Covid-19 restrictions.  

Families who have received RAFFLE tickets!  Suburban Little League offers a Play For Free option through our raffle ticket program!  Due to these circumstances, there will not be a raffle this year!  In order to receive a full refund, the raffle tickets will need to be returned to Suburban.  We will host a time for these to be returned at the complex.  If any tickets have been sold, Suburban will credit you the full $5 value of the tickets that you are able to return. 

Information pertaining the tickets will be referenced in the follow up email & will also include a Google Form that MUST be completed.  

Please know that we are extremely saddened by this chain of events and we looked at every scenario to bring you a season.  We truly believe we have done everything we know to do!  There were so many exciting things happening at the complex this year and we were so eager to share them with you!  Please stay tuned to our social media and our website as we will be allowed to get back to the complex soon to continue with the updates, new signs, new dugouts, fresh paint…  We will be ready for you next season!  Just because we are not playing the game we love, doesn’t mean we can’t love the game we play!  

Other leagues in our District are still deciding on what they are capable of offering for a season.  Little League International has allowed us to release any player to play with another league for this year only, so please feel free to check out some of the surrounding leagues as they open up their season!  If you do decide to play, let us know and represent Suburban proud as you stay active in the community!  Share with us your plays… afterall we are #ONETEAMONEFAMILY… no matter where we play!  We want to cheer you on and we want to see you back with us in 2021 for the best season yet!  Be well and be safe!


Suburban Little League Board of Directors 

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