June 2020, Refund correspondence regarding covid-19

Families of Almaden Little League,

The Almaden Little League Board must regretfully inform everyone that Almaden Little League is not able to provide refunds for the 2020 season. Our expenses are front-end loaded annually, so registration fees are spent on a variety of expenses related to the season.  Almaden Little Leagues has one of the lowest registration fees in youth sports and all Little Leagues spend the bulk of their revenues ahead of the season. Examples of expenses we have already incurred and can’t recover include: field and facility maintenance, uniforms, equipment, insurance, Little League Chartering Dues, Little League District Assessments, field permits, awards, snack shack inventory and more. Our league also relies heavily on the revenues generated from snack shack sales and sponsorship to offset expenses that are not covered by registration fees.  This year we will not realize that additional revenue which is another reason we are unable to provide refunds. 

In 2020 the league ran a deficit of $64,247, which included $44,044 in capital improvements.  The vast majority of the capital improvements went towards significant upgrades of the batting cage and practice area at Castillero Middle School.  We also took on more minor capital projects at the AAA and majors fields.  Many volunteers helped out on both projects keeping our costs as low as possible.  

If you remove the capital improvements from the 2020 season and only look at the reoccurring costs of the season, the league ran a $20,203 deficit, which mounts to $44 per player.   

We are working with vendors and carefully managing our existing funds to insure the league remains financially solvent so we can resume activities in the future. To that end, we tried to capture refunds from Little League international charter fees and SJUSD field fees.  Each offered a marginal credit for the coming year. 

For families that are experiencing extreme financial hardship and can use some type of assistance in the form of a pro-rated refund, we are willing to consider on a case by case basis. Please send an email request to [email protected]


Almaden Little League is 100% volunteer led.  We welcome everyone's comments and suggestions, but even more so, we welcome your help by joining our Board.  Please email [email protected] for more information on how to help. 

We greatly appreciate the continued support of the Almaden Little League community and hope to see everyone out at the fields real soon.

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