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Capelli Sport Complex

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For all of our fall programs players will need to answer the following questions the day of the activity. If any of these questions are answered YES, they should not attend.

Please fill out the online health questionnaire for your child prior to attending the game or practice 


Parent Responsibilities

-Prior to attending every practice you must fill out the online health questionnaire for you child.
-For the once per week players, please do your best to stick to the same day each week.
-Make sure your child's shoes are tied prior to entering the field

Players responsibilities:

-Go to the bathroom at home prior to coming to practice
-If you do not feel well, let the coach know
-Bring your own water bottle (no sharing)
-Cleats and shin guards
-we will provide a ball for each player to use at practice
-wear green on Mondays and white on Wednesdays

Regarding the coaches:

We are over staffing to make sure we have things covered.  Coaches are not required to wear masks as they will be physical distancing from the players but they will have a mask available in case they need to attend to a player directly.  

If weather is an issue please check your email or check our weather update page HERE  we will only post if something is cancelled