2021 FAQ

  1. Why am I waitlisted?
    1.  Little league registration has always started in Nov and extended through Dec.  We want to keep the registration over the same timespan, but we don’t want to charge anybody until we know more about the coming season.  The platform we use for registration offers a waitlist feature that achieves our goal of signing up kids, but not charging them money.
  2.  Since my child is on the waitlist is there any chance they won’t be placed on a team?
    1. No. If we have a season, of any kind, if you child is on the waitlist they will play.
  3. When will I be charged?
    1. We are planning on moving kids off the waitlist on January 31st at which point the platform will ask for you to pay.  We hope by that time we will know more about what our season will look like and have a better idea on what we need to charge to offer a season and keep the league solvent.  It’s possible we will push this date back, but we won’t charge you sooner.
  4. How much will the season cost?
    1. It depends.  As of now (Nov 2020), we only know what the cost is of a normal season, A-ball and higher will be $295, while Tball and Coach Toss will cost $225.  Remember most of our fees go towards uniforms, equipment, and field costs. 
  5. Will games be played this season?
    1. At the time of this writing (Nov 2020) it’s unclear if games will be played.  If the county allows outdoor youth activities consisting of enough people that allow games the league will do everything it can to make it happen.
  6. When will the season start?
    1. At the time of this writing (Nov 2020) we are planning on starting the season in March; the same start as every other year.  If we cannot start the season because of a county ordinance a possibility of starting a season later could be possible.

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