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Local Rules - Softball - Minors, Majors & Seniors

Division Definitions

  • Minor Division (8-11 years olds) – Minor Division is first level of Softball with player pitching and umpires. Players are taught the fundamentals of the game and learn how to better work together on the field. The principles of sportsmanship are introduced to all players.
  • Major Division (10-12 years olds) –The Major Division is one of our upper divisions. The fundamentals of the more intricate parts of the game are taught and emphasized to better advance the player to the next level. Majors rules are similar to High School softball rules.
  • Senior Division (13-16 years olds) – The Senior Division is the highest division. Players may play for High School and once their High School play is completed, play for their Little League team. Senior rules are similar to High School softball rules.

General Rules

  • Starting the game
    • The diamond used is a 60-foot.
    • Home team takes the 1st base dugout. Visitors take the 3rd base dugout.
    • All games must start on time. Have your team on the field ready to start at the scheduled time.
    • Both managers are responsible for starting on time. Reduce pre-game practice if necessary. If the game start is delayed, the times listed below are still in effect.
    • Each team should have a Manager/Coach. However, additional parent support is allowed and encouraged as required to facilitate games and practices, so long as parents have a volunteer lanyard.
    • Only the manager, coaches, and scorekeeper are allowed into the dugout during a game.
    • Umpire is the official timekeeper.
    • If eight players are present, the game will start at the designated time.
    • Teams may borrow a player from the opposing team.
    • If a game is rained out or called due to darkness, follow official Little League rules.
    • Target fame length is 1 hour, 45 minutes.
    • If an inning begins before 1 hour, 45 minutes has expired, that inning alone may be completed.
    • A game may not be called by the umpire for time if both teams have not completed their at bat (assuming the home team needs to bat) and the inning began before 1 hour, 45 minutes.
    • All cheering must be positive and directed at your team. No taunting of a pitcher. It’s the responsibility of the manager whose parent is causing an issue to address/handle immediately.
  • 5:30 PM start time
    • Do not start a new inning after 7:15 PM.
    • Hard stop for the game is 7:30 PM.

  •  7:45 PM start time
    • Do not start a new inning after 9:30 PM.
    • Hard stop for the game is 9:45 PM.
  • Weekend games
    • Do not start a new inning after 1 hour, 45 minutes. Hard stop for the game at 2 hours.
    • Games must end by 9:45 PM. The lights must be turned off by 9:55 PM by Town Ordinance.

Game Length

  • Six innings per game.
  • Mercy rules.
    • Minors: Game ends if the visiting team has a fifteen (15) run lead after four innings or the home team has a fifteen (15) run lead after three and one-half innings.
    • Majors, Seniors: Game ends if the visiting team has a ten (10) run lead after four innings or the home team has a ten (10) run lead after three and one-half innings.
  • Four innings is considered an official game, if the game is cut short by time or weather. Games cancelled before the completion of 4 innings, due to weather, may be rescheduled and teams may play the remaining innings needed.
  • Inning lengths.
    • Minors, Majors: There is a five-run maximum rule per team per inning. This applies to all innings played.
    • Seniors: There is a five-run maximum rule per team per inning during the first five innings. There is no run limit per team in the sixth inning only.
  • The home scorebook is the official scorebook when there is a discrepancy.
  • The home plate umpire must sign each team’s scorebook, unless recorded digitally.

Field Maintenance

  • Before the game.
    • Umpires will call games from behind home plate. If they do not show, let your Coordinator and George Kilbride know. If that’s the case, an MOT volunteer can umpire the game from behind the pitcher’s mound. This person is eligible to be paid.
    • Both teams rake, groom, and line the field before the start of the game.
    • Base paths must be raked parallel to the foul line.
    • Standing water should be raked into the field, not to the outfield grass.

  • After the game.
    • Both teams rake and groom the field after the end of the game.
    • Both teams put away bases, lock equipment boxes/sheds, and turn off the lights if no game follows.
    • Winning team emails/texts the final score to the division coordinator.
    • All field issues should be reported to the division coordinator.

  • Field closures will be communicated via text, website and/or Facebook.
  • Upon field closure, do not try to work the field or re-open it.


  • On-deck batters.
    • Minors, Majors: No on-deck batters.  No kids holding or swinging bats around bench.  Players only swing bats when they are at home plate batting.
    • Seniors: On-deck batters are allowed.
  • Metal spikes.
    • Minors, Majors: No metal spikes allowed.
    • Seniors: Metal spikes are allowed.
  • All infielders, including pitcher, must wear a face mask.
  • No bat throwing. 1st time an individual player throws a bat: warning. 2nd time an individual player throws a bat: out. There is no aggregate team penalty.
  • Weather: The umpire is the sole judge. If you hear thunder or see lightning the game must stop for 30 minutes. The game can continue as long as the field is playable and the weather has cleared. You must leave the field and go to your car.
  • When using the batting cages, you must have a helmet on. Make sure batters are in the center hitting away from each other.
  • Jewelry
    • No jewelry may be worn. This includes earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches.
    • Jewelry must be removed prior to playing the game, or risk removal from the game.
  • No stickers are allowed on helmets other than factory stickers.
  • Every player must wear a batting helmet when batting and running bases.
  • First Aid kits and medical release forms must be on hand at every game and practice.
  • All injuries must be noted on the Incident Tracking Form (available on the website) and reported to the Safety Officer within 48 hours. The Safety Officer will work with you on the next steps.
  • Everyone must abide by the MOTLL Parent/Player Code of Conduct and the Coach’s Code of Conduct.

Batting Rules

  • Continuous batting order.
  • All players will be placed in a batting order prior to the start of the game. If a player shows up late they go at the bottom of the lineup.
  • There are no limits on the number of bases on a hit.
  • Bunting is allowed.
  • Base stealing.
    • Minors: Base stealing is allowed, but no stealing home. A player may take a lead when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, but may not steal until after the ball crosses home plate.
    • Majors, Seniors: Base stealing is allowed, including home plate. A runner is not allowed to leave the base to steal until the ball has been released from the pitcher’s hand. If the runner leaves the bag early, she will be called out by the umpire.
  • Minors: If an overthrow is made, the runner may advance one base only. No advancing home on an overthrow from a steal of third base.
  • Pinch runners are allowed for a player, using the team’s last out. This is for Pitcher/Catcher or injured players only.
  • Intentional walks.
    • Minors: No intention walks are not permitted.
    • Majors, Seniors: Intentional walks are permitted.

Defense Rules

  • Girls on the field.
    • Minors, Majors: Ten girls play defense on the field. (Four in the outfield, but three in the outfield during tournaments.)
    • Seniors: Nine girls play defense on the field.
  • Uncaught (dropped) third strike.
    • Minors: Does not apply.
    • Majors, Seniors: Uncaught (dropped) third strike rule is in effect.
  • Rotate players.  No player shall sit out two consecutive innings. It is encouraged at this level to let them try every position to find out what they like.

Pitching Rules

  • Pitching distance.
    • Minors: 35 feet.
    • Majors: 40 feet.
    • Seniors: 43 feet.
  • Ball size.
    • Minors: 11-inch ball.
    • Majors, Seniors: 12-inch ball.
  • Pitchers warming up must have a catcher with a catcher’s mask and chest protector.
  • Girls will pitch with no assistance from the manager.
  • All catchers must have a dangling throat protector.
  • If a pitcher pitches more than four innings in one game, one calendar day of rest is suggested, but not necessary. Any signs of pitcher being overused will be discussed between managers and umpires if needed.

Standings / Tiebreakers / Playoffs

  • Each team will play 12 games and make the playoffs.
  • Teams will be seeded based on overall record & winning percentage.
  • In the event of a two-way tie, the tiebreakers are:
    • Head-to-Head Record.
    • Record Against Common Opponents.
    • Run Differential in Head – to – Head Games.
    • Run Differential in Common Games.
    • Coin Flip.
  • In the event of a three-or-more-way tie, the tiebreakers are:
    • Record Against Common Opponents.
    • Run Differential in Head – to – Head Games.
    • Run Differential in Common Games.
    • Season Run Differential.
    • Random Drawing.
  • Playoffs will be single elimination.
  • All playoff games will play a full six innings.
  • Seniors division may not borrow players for playoff games.

Last update: 3/15/2023

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