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Local Rules - Instructional Baseball

General Rules

  • All players and parents must abide by the "Parent/Player Code of Conduct".
  • Medical Release Forms must be on hand during all practices and games.
  • All adults on field must have a MOTLL Lanyard.
  • Each team should have one manager and two coaches. However, additional parent support is allowed as required to facilitate games and practices, so long as parents have a volunteer lanyard.
  • Home team shall occupy the 1st base dugout. Away team gets the 3rd base dugout.
  • No on-deck batters. No kids holding or swinging bats around bench. Players only swing bats when they are at home plate batting.  Do not throw the bat after the ball is hit.
  • Get kids on and off field quickly between innings, so you can get more innings in.
  • Managers may not “borrow” players from other teams inside or outside the instructional division. Player must remain on their assigned teams for the duration of the season unless authorized by the division VP.


  • 4 innings maximum. A new inning cannot be started unless you are scheduled to have the field for at least 15 more minutes.
  • Each inning ends after 3 outs* or one at bat for each player in the batting order, whichever happens first.
    • *NL vs NL games: Each inning ends after 3 outs.
    • American League games will recognize an out however each player will have an opportunity to bat.
  • Score is not tracked.   A tie is a tie.
  • Both teams are responsible for setting up and breaking down field and leaving dugouts clean.
  • After every game, you must rake the pitcher’s mound, home plate and all base areas before leaving.
  • Unless teams have arrived for a game after yours, pack all the equipment in the lock-box before leaving.


  • All players will be placed in a batting order prior to the start of the game.
  • Every player must wear a batting helmet when batting and running bases.
  • The number of pitches to a batter may not be more than 6 from the machine, followed by 4 soft tosses.
    • If after these pitches, the ball is not put in play, then the batter is to return to the team bench.
    • There are no outs recorded for strikeouts.
    • All outs must be made in the field.
    • It is encouraged to make an effort to get the ball put in play and to allow the players to experience offensive/base running situations.
  • If a player hits a foul ball on the sixth pitch from the machine, continue pitching to the child as long as he is fouling balls off.
  • No base stealing or leading.  Base runners may not leave base until the ball is put in play.
  • Sliding is permitted — feet first.
  • An extra base hit may be taken on a legitimate hit to the outfield.
    • Extra base hits may be hit on the ground or in the air.
    • Recommendation: If the outfielders have to chase it, it’s an extra base hit. However, no extra bases are to be taken on infielder/outfielder errors.
    • Note: Extra base hits cannot be taken when the defensive team has fewer than 3 outfielders regardless of it being a legitimate hit.


  • Rotate players each inning.  No player shall sit out two consecutive innings.
    • In a four-inning game, all players must play a minimum of two innings in the infield.
    • Players may not play the outfield in back-to-back innings.
  • No player shall play the same position twice in one game.
    • The exception to this is if a player does not want to play first base because of fear of injury.
    • They may swap positions (or the bench) with another player. Otherwise, plan on every player playing a different position every inning.
  • Outs are made:
    • With an overhand throw to the other player covering the base. A player may use an underhand throw when he is very close to the bag, but overhand throws are to be encouraged. No rolling of balls to bases.
    • By tagging the base through a force-out.
    • By tagging a player who is in the infielder’s proximity.
    • When a batted ball is caught in the air.
    • If a base runner makes contact with the ball in play (kicking it, having it hit him while running, etc.)
  • Discourage fielders from grabbing the ball and chasing a player to the base.
    • Tag-outs are legitimate outs, but we should encourage outs to be made from throws to bases.
  • Double and triple plays are allowed.
  • Outs can only be recorded on the infield by an infield player.
    • An outfielder cannot run the ball to a base or tag a baserunner to record an out.
    • Outfielders should be encouraged to throw the ball to a base-covering infielder instead of running the ball into the infield to make a force-out.
    • Managers should make every effort to position outfielders far enough away from the bases so that they are not tempted to run into the infield and make force-outs.
  • Up to four outfielders are allowed in the field. However, if a team is comprised of more than 11 players, five outfielders may be used to help increase playing time.
    • Instructional field: Outfielders should play at least in the middle of the outfield grass.
    • SL Minor field (and all other fields): Outfielders should play at least several feet back on the outfield grass.

Last update: 5/21/2023

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