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Local Rules - Baseball - Seniors

Game Time Limits

  • General Rules
    • All games must start on time.
    • Both managers are responsible for starting on time. Reduce pre-game practice if necessary. If the game start is delayed, the times listed below are still in effect.
    • The lights must be turned off by 10:30 PM per town ordinance.
  • Game Timing
    • 6:30pm or weekend games
      • Target end time is 3 hours.
      • Do not start a new inning with less than 15 minutes remaining before target end time.
      • If an inning has started and the target end time is reached, finish the entire inning.
    • 5:30pm & 8:00pm weekday starts
      • Target end time is 2 hours and 15 minutes.
      • Do not start a new inning with less than 15 minutes remaining before target end time.
      • If the time limit is reached and the game is not over, the score reverts back to the last completed inning.
      • A hard stop will be invoked at 10:15pm for games that start at 8:00pm due to lights needing to be out by 10:30pm by town ordinance.

Game Start Time

No New Inning After

Game Limit










Game Length

  • 5 innings are the minimum for an official game. If the time limit is reached before the completion of five innings (4 ½ if the home team leading), the game is considered final.
  • 7 innings are the maximum.
  • Extra innings are permitted if the score is tied after six innings and the game is within the time limits listed.
  • Ties are permitted.
  • Game ends if either team is ahead:
    • by 15 runs after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team ahead)
    • by 10 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if home team ahead)
  • Inning Run Limits: There is a seven-run maximum rule per team per inning. This applies to all innings played.
Field Maintenance

  • Before the game.
    • Home team takes the 1st base dugout. Visitors take the 3rd base dugout.
    • Visiting team rakes/grooms the field before the start of the game. Home team is strongly encouraged to assist.
    • Fields should be lined.
    • Base paths must be raked parallel to the foul line.
    • Standing water must be raked into the dirt, not to the infield / outfield grass.
    • Each team provides two (2) new official game balls.
  • After the game.
    • Home team rakes/grooms the field at the conclusion of the game. Visiting team is strongly encouraged to assist.
    • Home team locks equipment boxes / shed and turns off the lights if no game follows.
    • Each team emails/texts the following to the division coordinator:
      • Final score.
      • Player pitch counts for both teams. (Coordinator will adjudicate any discrepancies and inform teams of official pitch counts, ineligible pitchers & when eligibility is regained.)
    • All field issues must be reported to the division coordinator.

  • Field closures will be communicated via text, website and/or Facebook.
  • Upon field closure, do not try to work the field or re-open it. Any team caught on an MOTLL field after field closure will forfeit their next game and be given a loss in the standings.
  • First Aid kits and ice packs are kept in the Senior shed. Managers are responsible for notifying division coordinator if the kit or ice pack inventory is running low. Medical release forms must be on hand at every game and practice.
  • Managers must have medical release forms on hand at every game and practice, either hard copies or accessible in electronic form.
  • All injuries must be noted on the Incident Tracking Form (available on the website) and reported to the Safety Officer within 48 hours. ([email protected]) The Safety Officer will work with you on the next steps.
  • Everyone must abide by the MOTLL Parent/Player Code of Conduct and the Coach’s Code of Conduct.
Game Play

  • Continuous batting order.
  • Minimum Player Requirements: Nine (9) players.
  • Player Call-Ups:
    • Borrowed players must be registered to play in MOTLL for the current season.
    • A Senior team may borrow a player from another Senior division team if the team cannot field nine (9) players prior to arrival at the field. Managers must submit a request to their division coordinator. The division coordinator will work with managers to fulfill the request.
    • Player(s) may be borrowed from the opposing team in the event that a team cannot field 9 players. The borrowed player(s) must be positioned as outfielders. The players must be the last player(s) due to bat in the opponent’s half-inning. The player(s) must be replaced in the field in order to take their turn at-bat. To avoid further game delay, the borrowed player(s) should be replaced as soon as a batter has been retired in the half-inning. That retired batter would then replace the borrowed player in the field.
    • A team may only borrow the number of players needed to get to minimum number of players required for a game.
    • Borrowed players are not permitted to pitch.
    • Borrowed players must bat at the bottom of the order.
  • On-deck batters are permitted. The on-deck area shall not be in front of the dugout, but rather, past the dugout in the recessed area of the fence line.
  • Pitcher warm-ups.
    • New pitchers, including the beginning of a game, are allowed a maximum of seven (7) warm-up pitches.
    • Returning pitchers who pitched a previous inning are allowed a maximum of four (4) warm-up pitches.
    • Managers or credentialed assistant coaches may warm-up a pitcher. Any players warming-up a pitcher must wear protective catcher’s equipment.
    • If a pitcher is warming up in the bullpen, the catcher must be wearing protective catcher’s equipment. A player not currently playing in the field must also be standing near the bullpen with a batting helmet on looking for potential balls entering the bullpen.
  • There is a three-minute time limit between half-innings. The batter must be in the batter’s box and the fielders must be in position by then. This rule supersedes the pitcher warm-up count and will be strictly enforced by the umpires.
  • Batters must stay in the batter's box with no more than one foot outside of the box between pitches if the pitch is caught by the catcher. Upon passed balls, balls in the dirt, or foul balls, players are permitted to fully step out of the box with both feet.
  • Senior division players must use BBCOR (-3) bats. USA Baseball bats are prohibited in the Senior division. The BBCOR stamp must be visible on the bat.
  • Junior division players may use BBCOR (-3) bats or USA Baseball bat.
  • No bat throwing. 1st time a player throws a bat: warning, 2nd time: out.
  • Fake bunting / slash bunting / butcher boy is PROHIBITED. The batter will be called OUT if attempted.
  • Mandatory playing time.
    • All players must play a minimum of two defensive innings prior to the completion of the 5th inning of play.
    • No player may sit more than three innings during a seven-inning game.
  • Special runners.
    • There are no special / courtesy runners.
    • To improve the pace of games, when your pitcher or catcher is on base with one or two outs, you may replace him/her with a pinch runner. The pinch runner must be the player who made the last out.
Pitching Rules

  • Pitch Counts and Limits
    • Limits and Required Rest are not modified from Little League's Rulebook but are provided here for convenience.

Pitch Count - Age is a player's Little League age.


Maximum Pitches Per Day
(incl. double-headers)

13 – 16

95 pitches

Important: Note required rest differences for 13/14 vs. 15/16 year old players.

Required Rest Rules –13yo / 14yo

Pitch Count Threshold

Required Rest


Calendar Days (can pitch next day)


Calendar Day (can pitch in two days)


Calendar Days (can pitch in three days)


Calendar Days (can pitch in four days)


4 Calendar Days (can pitch in five days)

Required Rest Rules – 15yo – 16yo

Pitch Count Threshold

Required Rest


0 Calendar Days (can pitch next day)


1 Calendar Day (can pitch in two days)


2 Calendar Days (can pitch in three days)


3 Calendar Days (can pitch in four days)


4 Calendar Days (can pitch in five days)

  • Pitch limits and required rest (see tables above) are based on players LL age as of the current season.
  • A pitcher's pitch count for the purpose of days' rest threshold is determined by the first pitch to the last batter faced.
  • Any pitcher on a regular season team roster may pitch.
  • Borrowed players may not pitch.
  • Pitchers may NOT pitch on three (3) consecutive days.
  • If a pitcher reaches the limit imposed for their Little League age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs:
    • The batter reaches base.
    • The batter is put out.
    • The third out is made to complete the half inning.
    • The pitcher is removed from the mound prior to the batter completing the at-bat.
  • A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of the game, regardless of threshold reached.
  • Any player who has played the position of catcher in four or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. If a catcher catches one pitch in their 4th inning, they are also ineligible to pitch.
  • Any player who played the position of catcher for three (3) innings or less, moves to the pitcher position, and delivers 21 pitches (13-14yo) or 31 pitches (15-16yo) or more in the same day, may not return to the catcher position that calendar day, regardless of threshold reached.
  • Each team is responsible for keeping an accurate pitch count. Teams must check with the other team after each half-inning to ensure both teams have the same count. Any discrepancies must be resolved as soon as possible. In cases of discrepancies, umpires will determine the actual number of pitches thrown.
  • Notify the umpire once a pitch count limit has been reached.
  • If pitch counts are exceeded, notify the coordinator of the division. Managers exceeding pitch counts may be brought before the Board of Directors for possible disciplinary action.
  • Pitch counts will be tracked by the division coordinator and all managers will be notified of ineligible pitchers and the date they will be eligible to pitch next.
  • Balks will be called with the following considerations:
    • Each pitcher will be given one (1) warning and an explanation of what caused the balk call. Any subsequent balk calls against that pitcher will result in base runner advancement.
Game Attire

  • Any part of an undershirt or long sleeve shirt that is exposed on the pitcher’s arm must be a color other than white or gray.
  • If a pitcher is wearing an arm sleeve, it must be fully covered by long sleeves that are neither white or gray.
Spring Standings / Tiebreakers / Playoffs

  • Each team will play a maximum of 12 games and make the playoffs.
  • Teams will be seeded based on overall record & winning percentage.
  • In the event of a two-way tie, the tiebreakers are:
    • Head-to-Head Record.
    • Record In Common Games.
    • Run Differential in Head – to – Head Games.
    • Run Differential in Common Games.
    • Coin Flip.
  • In the event of a three-or-more-way tie, the tiebreakers are:
    • Record In Common Games.
    • Run Differential in Head – to – Head Games.
    • Run Differential in Common Games.
    • Season Run Differential.
    • Random Drawing.
  • Playoffs will be single elimination.
Last update: 3/6/2023

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