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GAMEDAY & PRACTICE Weather Protocols 

The following applies to Practice AND Games:

At Fallbrook Pop Warner, our goal is to practice/play through most weather conditions including rain. All weather-related decisions for both football and cheer shall follow the National Pop Warner Rules, combined with the FPW Emergency Action Plan. In any event, we do NOT cancel games or practices unless one or more of the following weather conditions exist:

1.) Lightning: Games and practices shall be suspended immediately or cancelled altogether, if thunder is heard and/or lightning is seen. We will also follow and rely on the recommendations of local and national weather forecasts. Game Play/Practice shall not resume for at least 30 minutes after the last strike of lightning and/or clap of thunder.

2.) Heat Index Factor is above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This does not mean the temperature has to be 104 degrees before we cancel. The heat index factor combines air temperature and relative humidity. Example: If the air temperature is 94 degrees with 95% humidity, the "Heat Index Factor" would be 105 degrees which means all outdoor activities would be cancelled. (See the attached Heat Index Calculator that is included in our Emergency Action Plan, for more examples).

3.) Poor/Dangerous Air Quality: Games and practices shall be cancelled if poor air quality caused by wildfires or other conditions exists. We will rely on the recommendations from local, national news as well as those calculated by

PLEASE NOTE: It is at the discretion of the parent(s) if they wish to keep their child from playing or participating in a game or practice. There is no rule stating that kids must attend games or practices if any of the weather conditions in question, exist. Our policy simply states that our league will not cancel unless one or more of the above conditions exist.


1.) Games WILL take place when it's raining.
2.) If heavy rain is taking place or is forecast, you should provide your child with appropriate rainwear. Waterproof ponchos with hoods work well for both football players and cheerleaders. We also recommend kids dress in layers during cooler or cold temperatures. 
3.) We will do our best to provide additional easy up canopies for the kids, on the sideline and near the field if it is raining however, you may bring your own canopy to set up in the bleachers as well.
4.) Please bring plenty of fresh towels for your player/cheerleader.
5.) Umbrellas are also recommended but will not be allowed on the sidelines. 
6.) IF LIGHTNING OCCURS during a game, the following protocols are to be followed:
a. Remain Calm
b. The referees shall immediately suspend all gameplay and the game announcer will provide instructions to kids and staff on both fields.
c. Coaches and team staff shall quickly direct children to one or more of the field entry/exit gates.
d. PARENTS, please do NOT run onto the field and grab your child. This will only create chaos and panic. Please quickly and orderly line
up by the field gates to collect your player(s) as the exist the field.
e. Once you have your child/children, immediately seek shelter in one of the following locations: large overhang at east side of school
adjacent to field, announcer booth at top of home field bleachers, concession stand on home side of field. If designated shelter areas are
full, please take shelter in a vehicle until lightning/storm subsides.
f. DO NOT shelter beneath easy up canopies, or near metal light/flag poles.
g. Game announcer will give "All Clear" announcement, once it is safe to return to field and bleachers.
h. If you are separated from your child during a lighting closure, please check with a board member as all kids who cannot locate their parents will be directed to the announcer booth at the top of the home side bleachers. 

Protocols for AWAY GAMES shall be made available on opposing team's websites OR by opposing team Board Members during or before the game. If you cannot locate away game weather precautions, please use the above listed protocols as much as possible and/or contact a FPW board member prior to your player's game.