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All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are REQUIRED to have act PA 34 and 151. Also you will need FBI clearance if you haven't lived in PA for 10 years

Findlay Athletic Association

  • 10U Findlay Softball CVC Champions 2023

    10U Findlay Softball CVC Champions 2023

  • Findlay Softball Spring 2021

    Findlay Softball Spring 2021

  • Findlay Softball Spring 2021

    Findlay Softball Spring 2021

  • Findlay Softball Spring 2021 12U

    Findlay Softball Spring 2021 12U

  • Findlay Baseball Spring 2021

    Findlay Baseball Spring 2021

  • Findlay Softball Spring 2021 All Stars

    Findlay Softball Spring 2021 All Stars

Findlay Athletic Association is committed to the growth of young athletes. We're fully run by volunteer board members and coaches. We appreciate the generosity of local business's for your support.  

All Coaches for 2020 must have PA act 34 and 151 completed no later than Managers Meeting March 8th 2020. If you click volunteer under both act's they're free of charge. If you click the wrong one FAA will reimburse all fees! The copies must be emailed or turned in by March 8th to Eric Fiscus [email protected] or Turned in at Managers Meeting.



Be Advised there will be a Mandatory Fundraising fee of $90 added to the registration cost for the Spring 2022 and the future of the FAA.

The $90 Fundraising Fee will be per account and split between multiple kids. This is Only a 1 time charge.

The FAA Board has decided for the Spring of 2022 and the future of the FAA we will not be handing out booklets. The board has decided to keep all the opening day prizes in house to Findlay parents only. Every account holder who signs there kids up through the system will have there name placed into the bin on opening day for the chance to win some great prizes. 

Since we are not handing out booklets this year and the future of FAA. The $90 fee will be non refundable and will not be able to be recouped. This is due to the Inflation cost of the Booklets and ALL equipment and uniforms for the FAA.  We were also informed that umpires will be charging more for games this coming spring 2022. As everyone is dealing with the prices rising on everything and its out of our control. 

The board made some big upgrades last year with 2 new sheds and 2 new tractors worth over $13,000. All fields now have sheds and tractors to help the coaches get the fields ready to play for the kids.

The fundraising fee is very important for the FAA to survive. We relay on that money to make sure the kids have the best and safest equipment, up keep on fields, Insurance, practice balls, games balls and list can go on and on.

Remember only about 20% of registration cost goes to the FAA while the rest goes towards the players uniform cost. We relay on the Fundraising fees to the cover player equipment, balls, insurance, field line, field dry, field equipment, L screens, upkeep and etc.


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Field Status

  • Elm Street

    Updated: 11/05/18 2:09PM
  • Old Ridge

    Updated: 11/05/18 2:09PM
  • Big Clinton

    Updated: 11/05/18 2:09PM
  • Little Clinton

    Updated: 11/05/18 2:09PM
  • Leopold Lake

    Updated: 11/05/18 2:09PM
  • Aten Road

    Updated: 11/05/18 2:09PM

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