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Welcome to the new home page for Boys and Girls Hylax! Looking forward to the 2020 season!

Join HYLAX and learn about the greatest sport on earth!

  • Welcome to Hylax!

    Welcome to Hylax!

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    Girls Hylax!

  • Looking forward to the 2019 season!

    Looking forward to the 2019 season!

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  • Girls Hylax!

    Girls Hylax!

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    Support Hylax!

Hylax (Hampton Youth Lacrosse) supports youth lacrosse for boys and girls in Hampton Township, PA. We are dedicated to creating a supportive environment for our youth to learn the game of lacrosse.

HYLAX "Golden Rules"
Expectations of Players


Players will attend all practices.

  • If a player cannot attend practice, he should notify a coach before practice with the reason for the absence.

  • Players who miss practice will see a loss of playing time at the discretion of the coach.


Players will take full advantage of practice time.

  • Players are required to be dressed and ready to go at the practice start time – i.e. arrive early and dress prior to start time

  • No player should sit during practice unless being addressed by a coach.

  • Practice at game speed to be prepared for game conditions.

  • No fooling around or horseplay especially with sticks is permitted at practice. Practice organized skills when not in a session with a coach.


Players shall practice good sportsmanship and shall treat their teammates, coaches, opponents, parents and officials with courtesy and respect.

  • Players will encourage their teammates at all times.

  • Players will not disparage or attempt to humiliate our opponents.

  • Players will not use profanity.


Players will not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs at any time and especially when such conduct can be associated in any way with the Hampton Youth Lacrosse (HYLAX) program.  HYLAX cannot condone the use of these products by minors in any form at any time.  There use by players on the team is counter to the goals and principles of this program.  However, each parent has to take the responsibility for how they deal with their child on these issues.  The coaches and the Association will only get involved in a disciplinary action involving tobacco, alcohol or drugs to the extent that the action reflects negatively on the program.  Such situations might include use of the prohibited substances on a lacrosse trip, use at a team function, use while wearing a HYLAX shirt or jacket.


The Board of Directors of HYLAX shall have the sole authority to determine any remedy for infractions of these Golden Rules by a player.  Such remedy or remedies may include suspension or expulsion from a team and/or the organization.

Field Status

  • Fridley Field

    Updated: 10/28/16 5:32AM
    • Fridley
  • Lakevue Athletic Club

    Updated: 10/28/16 5:44AM
  • Allison Park, HHS Blue Field

    Updated: 10/28/16 5:46AM
    • Blue Field
    • Blue Field 2
  • Wildwood Sports Complex

    Updated: 10/28/16 5:47AM
    • Blue Field
    • Green Field
  • North 40

    Updated: 02/21/17 11:27PM
  • HHS White

    Updated: 02/21/17 11:27PM
    • White Field
    • White Field 2
  • Pine Richland- Richland Park Field 1

    Updated: 03/06/17 5:38PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Butler Memorial Park

    Updated: 03/06/17 5:41PM
    • Field 1
  • Sewickley Academy Frick Field

    Updated: 03/06/17 5:45PM
    • Field 1
  • Mars Middle School

    Updated: 03/06/17 5:47PM
    • Mars Middle School Stadium

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