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Los Lunas Youth Basketball League Gym Request Procedures

The league shall secure facilities for game days, drafts and clinics utilizing the online facility request system.  All coaches will have to secure a practice facility utilizing the online facility request system.  They will need to request access to request online facility requests and will have to name the organization, their name and the age group of their players.  for example: YAFL John Smith 4 & 5 grades.  This year we will be placing certain grades level in the appropriate gym size.  For example: grades k-5th grades will only be allowed you use the smaller gyms.  No alcohol or illegal drugs shall be allowed on premises at anytime and there shall be no smoking with in any school property.  Facilities that are in use shall be cleaned immediately upon termination of activity.  Failure to do so may result in termination of any future use of the facilities at the discretion of the site manager and Director of Maintenance and Construction.The responsible person or designee shall be present when facilities are opened and shall supervise everyone in the gym at all times and shall be responsible for securing the facility upon departure.Except as specifically permitted by the site manager, there shall be no access to, or use of school telephones, copiers or other school district equipment.  All school planned educational events i.e. (science fairs, assemblies, etc.) will take precedence above all applications for facility use.  Facilities shall be inspected before each event, practice, etc. by the person responsible. Any damage shall be reported to a league board member and board member will report to the Director of Maintenance and Construction.  Any damage done to school property during the term of applicant’s use of school facilities shall be paid for by the applicant upon submission of a bill from the Los Lunas Schools.  Los Lunas Schools shall have the sole right to determine the extent and value of such damages.  If no school district employee or league board member can be scheduled to open and close the facility, the event shall not be scheduled. No food or drinks are allowed in any gymnasiums and other areas specified by the site manager.

Coaches the (How to request gym access) link below is only used to get yourself an account through School Dude, Andy Garcia at Los Lunas Schools.  When you get to the section showing organization name please fill out as such: LLYBL your first name and last name then what grade level you are coaching. look at the example below.

Organization Name: LLYBL John Doe 6/7/8

Once you get an email back from school dude Andy Garcia stating you have been approved then use the (How to login once approved gym access) link below to login to your account and request your gym. Once you are logged into your account you will need to keep in mind the grade level you are coaching to match the gym.

For example: If you are coaching 6/7/8 the gyms you will want to match are Los Lunas Middle School, Valencia Middle School or Century High School. 

The max time allowed for practices are 1 hour and 30 minutes.  only one practice per week. Please keep this in mind because you will be denied if you attempt to schedule more time or more than one practice per week.

Make sure you pay close attention when you schedule your times for practice most schools won't allow anything past 9pm. Think of the grade level you are coaching when scheduling your practices.

Please use the two links below to request for your gym access for the 2017-2018 basketball season.  If you have any questions please contact your divisional coordinator.

How to request gym access                                                 How to login once approved gym access

Once you have your gym you MUST let your division Coordinator know your practice Time and Day!!

K-1 Division:

2-3 Division:

4-5 Division:

6-7 Division:

8-9 Division: 


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