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Here is a short primer on what equipment your child will need to play boys lacrosse.

US Lacrosse Men's Equipment Articles and Information

US Lacrosse also provides the following videos: 

Field Player Equipment video 

Goalie Equipment video


Here is a short primer on what equipment your child will need to play girls lacrosse

US Lacrosse Women's Equipment Articles and Information



US Lacrosse Boys and Youth Guidebook for 2016 - This guidebook will help you understand how lacrosse is played and officiated. This is a great place to start learning about the game.


2016 Rules for Boys Youth Lacrosse - This is the more in-depth rule set for boys lacrosse


 US Lacrosse Girls and Youth Guidebook for 2016 - This is the more in-depth rule set for girls lacrosse

Drills to do at home

Wall Ball
If you are new to lacrosse, Wall Ball is akin to using a tee to improve your batting in baseball.  Every lacrosse player has spent time on the wall.  The best have spent the most.  Wall Ball is simply the act of bouncing a lacrosse ball off a wall and catching it.  Wall Ball is mandatory for improving your stick skills and your hand-eye coordination.  A few points worth mentioning about Wall Ball:


  • Have several lacrosse balls with you so you don't spend all your time chasing the ball if you don't catch it.
  • Always use your gloves - you play with them so you should get used to wearing them.
  • Use both hands - don't worry if you are not that good with one hand - that's why you're doing this drill - to get better.
  • A concrete or brick wall is the best since the ball bounces well.  If you can't locate a brick or concrete wall nearby, consider purchasing a lax wall rebounder.


Video examples :

US Lacrosse video
Wall Ball Practice video with variations




Skill: Keeping the ball in the stick... it may sound easy but it's not. Cradling can be one of the most difficult essential skills to master.




  • The Grip: The bottom hand should be loosely gripped around the shaft while the upper hand will be near the head of the stick and will provide the cradling motion.
  • The motion will come from the wrist of the upper hand and that motion should be controlled and smooth. If the ball is jumping around in the pocket the wrist is moving too quickly or the range of motion is too great. If the ball is just falling out the motion may be too slow.
  • The wrist motion is to curl it toward the body and then extend it away from the body while the bottom hand is loosely grabbing the shaft and controlling the angle of the stick. The stick should be able to turn freely in the bottom hand... in fact, you can (and should) cradle using only one hand.
  • Keep your head up, keep the stick near vertical and keep it close in near your body.
  • Practice cradling stationary and running at full speed. Practice in both hands, practice with one hand, practice switching hands stationary, running and while executing a dodge.



Ground Ball pickups

 Skill: Picking up a ground ball. It may sound simple but being able to quickly execute this skill is how we win games. You'll hear the coaches yelling "ground balls win games" and it's true!




  • Approach the ball at full speed. You need to explode through the ball. The player should be yelling "BALL" as the begin the pickup.
  • Get low and get the stick low. Bend at the knees and lower the bottom hand on the stick. If you come in with the stick at too steep an angle you will not effectively scoop the ball into the stick head.
  • Try to emphasize making sure the butt end (back hand is low to ground) to avoid stabbing or shoveling at the ball.
  • Scoop the ball and immediately bring the head of the stick up toward the player's eyes. The entire motion should be fluid and not stabbing.
  • The player goes back to an upright position and is immediately cradling the ball with the stick near vertical and the stick head (with the ball) near the players head (the box).
  • Once the player has the ball and is running with it in the cradle he should yell "RELEASE".

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