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Jan, 2018

2018 Registration


Welcome to the 2018 Season!!

Valley Rookies for boys and girls league ages 4 years old $15

T-Ball for boys and girls who are league ages 5-6 years old $50

Instructional for boys and girls league age 7-8 years old $50

Baseball Minors for boys and girls league age 8-11 years old $50

Baseball Majors for boys and girls league age 10-12 years old $50

Baseball Juniors for boys and girls league age 13-16 years old $50

Softball Minors for girls league age 8-10

Softball Majors for girls league age 10-12

Softball Juniors for girls league age 13-14


Any Registration processed after 3/10/18 for baseball minors/majors will be considered a late registration and you WILL NOT be guaranteed a spot. We will be in contact with you if for any reason we cannot fulfill your registration.

The prices above are for all sign-ups submitted before Feb 24th 2018. All sign-ups Feb 24th and after will have a $10 per Family late fee added. We also provide a family discount, which subtracts $5 for each child after the initial child. For example $50 for the 1st child, $45 for the 2nd, $40 for the 3rd etc....

Registration is closed for all divisions 4/13/2018.

I will post this to Facebook each week as a reminder for familes to sign there children up

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