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Player Accident Information

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an accident, the manager or coach shall remain calm and tend to the injured person. You must instruct all players to take a knee and/or return to their respective positions to avoid crowding and to allow for proper care of an injured player.

In the event of a MINOR injury:

Use the first aid kit as needed to apply ice packs or support bandages found at the nearest concession stand. When treating an injury, remember: RICE...  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

If blood is present, wear barrier gloves (latex gloves) whenever possible to protect yourself and the injured person. Clean wounds with soap and water or an antiseptic wipe. Apply light pressure to stop bleeding. Apply bandages to cover the wound. If any part of the uniform is soiled with blood, the uniform must be replaced and thoroughly cleaned prior to continued use.

In the event of a MAJOR injury:

If you believe a player has sustained a major injury, you must seek professional medical attention immediately. If appropriate, call 911. Stay with the injured person and provide comfort until medical attention arrives. Keep the person calm and as comfortable as possible. Avoid moving the player in any way unless remaining there would cause greater injury. When calling 911, be prepared to give your name, location and a brief description of the emergency. Listen carefully to the operator's requests or questions. Once finished with the phone call, get in position or designate others to an appropriate location to meet and direct emergency personnel and vehicles to the injured person.

Accident Reporting Procedures


What to report:

Report any incident involving a player, manager, coach; umpire, volunteer or spectator that leads to medical treatment and/or first aid to the Safety Officer. This includes passive treatments such as the evaluation and diagnosis of the extent of the injury or periods of rest.

When to report:
Report any such incident to the Channelview Little League (Manager, Board Member) within 48·hours· of the occurrence..

How to report:
Person reporting the incident must complete an injury report form (link located below) and submit it to the Safety Officer at

Non-Emergency Numbers:

Harris County Sheriff’s Department: 713-672-6044

Channelview Fire Department: 281-452-5782

Emergency Number:



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