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Apr, 2018

2018 All-Star eligibility Information

Hello ACLLW parents:

If you want your child to be considered for a 2018 Little League All-Star Team, Please read this letter in it's entirety.

First of all, I want to be clear that receipt of this letter does not indicate that your child has been selected to participate on an ACLLW 2018 All-Star team. Once self-nominated, players for the various 2018 All-Star tournament teams will be chosen based on 3 criteria near the end of the regular season:
-A vote of their peer players
-A vote by the managers of the appropriate divisions and,
-By evaluation by the manager and coaching staff of the various All-Star teams.

All players league age 8 to 14 who participate in AAA Minors, Majors or Junior divisions may be eligible to participate in the 2018 Little League All-Star Tournament.  If you would like your child/player to be considered for a 2018 All-Star team, we need to you indicate that now by having you complete a 2018 ACLLW Player Commitment Letter and by beginning the proof of residency process.  This process will place the players name on the 2018 All-Star ballot.

Please note these important dates:
The 2018 District All-Star tournament will begin on or around June 23rd, 2018 and will end on or before July 12th, 2018.

If a team wins the district tournament, the Section tournaments begin in mid-July. (This is common for ACLLW)
If a team wins the section tournament, the Regional tournament begins in late July. (This is rare for ACLLW)
If a team wins the regional tournament, the State tournament begins in early August. (This is very rare for ACLLW)
For 12 year old and Junior level, Western region and national tournaments continue through August. (This is extremely rare for ACLLW)

For anyone whose child has participated in All-Stars in the past, you know how complicated the process of proving player residency can be.  There is good news for most of you.  For any player who participated in the All-Star tournament, last year, that player already has proof of residency established and additional proof of residency is not needed at this time.  For any players who may be new to All-Stars this year, there is an easier way to establish proof of residency for this season.  Please note that failure to provide both proof of residency and a completed commitment letter will indicate that your child shall not be considered for a 2018 All-Star team and the player will not be on the ballot to be selected by players and coaches for an All-Star team.

A player may be eligible to participate in All-Stars if they meet at least one of the two following residency requirements.

  • The player's home is within the boundaries of ACLLW
  • The player's school is within the boundaries of ACLLW.  For ACLLW this includes:
    • Ione Elementary School
    • Plymouth Elementary School
    • Sutter Creek Elementary School
    • Ione Junior High School
If your child attends one of these schools, he/she can establish proof of residency by having you complete a Little League "School Enrollment form" which is linked later in this email.  This is a much easier way to prove residency than the method required for proving that the players home is within the league boundaries. The school enrollment form must be completed and signed by the school principal or designated representative and must show school attendance prior to October 1st of 2017, which is the cutoff date for proving Little League school residency.

If residency can be proven by school attendance, then you can skip the next paragraph of this letter.

If your child does not attend one of these schools, then residency must proven by showing that your home is within the league boundaries.
Before beginning this process, please verify that your home address is indeed within the ACLLW boundaries by using the League Finder.
If your address is within the league boundaries then you will need to verify residency by providing 3 very specific forms of documents that show your name and physical address.  For more information on these documents, please see the Official Little League site.  If you believe you will need to prove residency using your home, please contact our player agent Albertina at (209) 224-6867 to discuss the process of providing these documents.

Lastly, new for the 2018 season is the ACLLW Player Commitment Letter.  ACLLW will be requiring that all players who wish to be considered for a 2018 All-Star team and their parent(s) complete a commitment letter indicating that they would like to be placed on the All-Star ballot and that they are committed to participating in the All-Star tournament until the team is eliminated from play.  Please read the letter carefully to understand the level of commitment that is expected of an All-Star player.  If a player completes this letter and is selected to an All-Star team but fails to meet the commitment as agreed, the league/board may disqualify that player from eligibility in the 2019 All-Star tournament.

Below are links to the Player commitment letter and the School enrollment form.  If you would like your child to be eligible for selection to a 2018 All-Star team, please print and complete both of these forms and return them to your child's coach before May 18th, 2018.

Player Commitment Letter
School Enrollment Form

If you have any questions about proof of residency please contact our player agent Albertina at (209) 224-6867
If you have any questions about the All-Star player selection process or tournament contact me at (916) 761-2410

Thank you very much and good luck for the remainder of the season!

Steve Nash
ACLLW President
email: [email protected]

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