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Ladies and Gentlemen,
   We are excited to announce the opening of registration for the 2021 Spring Season, our milestone 5th spring season.  You can now register at our website .  Registration will be open though March 12th and the season will begin April 10th with a tentative end date of May 22nd.  We will guarantee 10 regular season games and at least 1 playoff game for each team.  We are planning on playing at 2 locations, Chippewa and Hopewell, however the Hopewell location is contingent on restrictions due to COVID-19 being that it is a school facility.  

   What we are really excited about is the decision that we have made to leave the giant national organizations behind and head out on our own.  We will not be affiliated with Under Armor or the NFL flag program this season, but instead will run a truly independent league.  We have seen first hand the impact that this pandemic has had on our communities and saw this as an opportunity to support community businesses and give back to our community.  Instead of sending our money to a national corporation for uniforms, we will be using C&S Sports & Promotions to provide the jerseys and shorts for our players.  This has allowed us to create our own jersey designs with player names on the shirts and also use college teams instead of professional teams for the first time this spring.  We also will be looking to partner with a local trophy business to create our championship trophies and medals.  Also, as usual we will be using local business like Oram's and JR's Beer Warehouse to fill our concession stand with drinks and goodies.  We will be using the same rules and age groupings as we have for the last 5 years which gives anyone returning the ease of not having to learn a whole new rule book every year.  Ultimately what this does is give us the flexibility to create a league who's rules, promotions, functions, and procedures are designed to make the players and families of our organization the number one priority in everything we do and to provide the most enjoyable and economical experience possible.

   There are a few things that we need to call to everyones attention to before we get rolling.  First you will notice that registration is the same as last year $110, however there is only a $3 processing fee this year as opposed to the $15 in fees that we had last year.  We also are offering multiple child discounts for each family.  Every season we struggle to get enough head coaches to fill all of our teams needs, so this season we are offering a $25 refund to anyone that is willing to be a head coach as well as a coaches shirt and shorts.  It really is a rewarding experience and the only thing needed is the desire to help the kids have fun and learn, we give you all the tools needed.  The next issue is shirt and short sizes when registering.  Please understand that we are having custom uniforms made, so the size that you order at registration is the size that we will order.  If you get your child's uniform and its a youth small but they needed adult small then you are responsible for paying for the new uniform, so please be diligent.  Lastly, we will make sure to follow all health and safety guidelines that are applicable during the season, so your child's safety will be of the utmost importance to our league.

  We hope to see everyone back out this season to help us to celebrate our 5th spring season and help us have another great spring season!

   Thank You,
      Beaver County Flag Football Board