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May, 2020

Week 6 Fitness Challenge!

The first winner of our fitness challenge is winner Rodney Paris!! He will receive a free Seahawks T-shirt and Car sticker! Great work Rodney!

We will announce our next winner this Friday!

Our goal is to keep our young athletes healthy in both mind & body, so here is this weeks challenge! Athletes...If you have a friend please ask them to join! Details will be on our website and Facebook page! You do not have to be registered to participate! 

Week 6 Fitness Challenge

Here are a few plyometric exercises to help you build basic muscle strength, power, and speed. Do each exercise for 10 reps, and repeat the set 3 times. To begin each exercise, stand with feet shoulder width apart.

  1. Calf Jumps: With hands on the hips, bend at the knees slightly and explode up, jumping rapidly in place.

  2. Squat Jumps: With knees bent slightly, jump up and drive the arms upward. When you land, bring arms down, squat, and jump again as quickly and explosively as possible.

  3. Tuck Squat Jumps: With knees bent slightly, jump up and drive the arms upward. Tuck the knees underneath while jumping. When landing, extend the legs and arms and get ready to jump again.

  4. 360 Squat Jumps: Jump in the same manner as squat jumps, but this time spin in the air as much as possible to reach a full rotation around. Land and prepare to jump again in the same direction. Do 5 reps jumping to the left and 5 reps jumping to the right.

  5. Standing Long Jumps: Bend the knees, bringing the hands down below the waist. Explode out, jumping as far as you can by extending the ankles, knees, hips and arms fully in front of you. 


Submit your athletes’ workouts using this google form and don’t forget to email or post pictures of your athletes working out!! We are pumped to get everyone moving again and can’t wait to get the season started. Go Seahawks!!


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