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Feb, 2021

Academic Awareness 2021

Academic Awareness 2021

Hello Seahawk families. I want to take this time to introduce our new commitment to academic awareness and success for our tremendous youth athletes. As part of our commitment, we will be installing different programs throughout the year to help bolster efforts to attain that success!

The focus of the Academic Awareness Initiative is to develop a plan that strengthens academic success - through attainable goal setting and volunteer/parent support. This will also include a simple and straightforward set of principles to help give athletes the confidence to take control and negotiate any impasse in achieving those goals.. 

The Matsu Seahawks Academic Success Plan will help to:

- Understanding athlete motivation to pursue education, educational experiences, and the tools required to facilitate academic success.

- Acknowledge our athlete’s academic strengths and discover areas that can be improved.

- Set-up specific academic achievements in athlete coursework

- Provide parent & staff support/training 

- Tutoring opportunities for athletes

The main focus of the Academic Success Plan is academic success through attainable goal setting. The Matsu Seahawks will implement a S.M.A.R.T program, to help guide parents, staff and student athletes. Any successful plan will require athletes to write down their most important academic goals. To help our athletes, we will implement the use of the Matsu SMART formula for achieving academic success. The formula is meant as a guideline for organizing and negotiating the path to successful completion of academic coursework. Learning doesn’t end in the classroom! Athletes should spend time each day on some aspect of their schoolwork; in a setting for learning that is free from distractions and where they feel productive.

Here is an over of the Matsu Seahawks Academic Success Plan with S.M.A.R.T.

S=Specific. Make your goal as specific as possible. Example: I will have a 2.50 cumulative GPA by the end of the fall semester.

M=Measurable. Be sure that your goal is measurable. Example: I will be able to measure whether or not I have achieved my desired GPA at the end of the semester.

A=Attainable. Set goals that you can achieve. Example: I have done the math and know that a 2.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the semester is possible.

R=Realistic: Set goals that are realistic. Example: I can realistically achieve a 2.50 cumulative GPA if I earn 4 B’s and 1 C this semester.

T= Timely. Establish a timeline for reaching your goal. Example: I can achieve my goal by the

Needless to say, we are very excited to take a real step in helping our student athletes and providing resources for volunteers and parents. This is the first step in that commitment, and we are pleased to also share this (and other) resources with everyone in our wonderful community. The Matsu Seahawks will always strive to keep the Pop Warner Scholastic vision at the forefront of all our programs - ensuring success in the the classroom and on the field. 





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