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Seymour Pop Warner FAQ

1. Who may participate in Seymour Pop Warner?
Any child between the ages of 5 and 15, who reside in Seymour is eligible to participate. (Scholastic requirements apply) Residents of any town where there is NOT a chartered Pop Warner program are also eligible to participate.

2. Can girls participate in football and boys in cheerleading?
Yes girls and boys can participate in cheerleading, football or flag football.

3. What league do you play in and what towns make up that league?
Seymour Pop Warner is a member of Northern Connecticut Pop Warner League. (NCTPW). Our League consists of the following towns and districts:
AmityAnsoniaBethelBrookfieldMonroeNew FairfieldNew MilfordOxfordPlainvilleSeymourWatertown-Oakville, and Wolcott

4. How do I register?
Check out our website for registration dates & times.

5. Are there tryouts to make a team?
No, there are no tryouts to make a team. There are limits to the number of players allowed on the roster. Positions will be assigned at the discretion of the coaches and players will be assigned to a position that best suits their ability and the needs of the team. A player is assigned to a team based on age, weight and then experience. Pop Warner has specific age limits and weight limits for each level which are strictly enforced.

6. When does practice begin?
Practice begins on August 1.  A player may start practice as long as all necessary paperwork is turned in. NO participant will be allowed to practice without handing in a signed physical form and all other required paperwork.

7. If all the paperwork is not turned in by August 1, can the player still participate?
If all the paperwork is not turned in by August 1, a player will not be allowed to start practice and receive equipment. The player may sit on the sidelines and watch practice until the required paperwork is turned in.

8. How often is practice and where is it held?
Football and Cheer practices are held at Seymour High School and run 4 nights a week during the month of August from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. After School Begins, practice drops to 3 nights per week from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Cheerleaders practice at Seymour High School for the month of August and then will practice indoors in September. Place TBA. 
Flag Football and Tiny Mite Cheer practice 3 days a week in August from 6-7:30pm and 2 days once school begins 6-7:30pm.

9. Is practice mandatory?
Yes, practice is mandatory at all times. Please notify your coach if you will be away on vacation so they can plan appropriately. Attendance is CRUCIAL to a successful and FUN season.  

10. How many players are allowed on a team?
The maximum number of players allowed on a team is 35.
The minimum number of players is 15.

11. How are football players assigned to a team?
Division    Ages       Weight 
8U 7 & 8       Unlimited
10U 9 & 10 Unlimited
12U 11 & 12 Unlimited
14U 13 & 14 Unlimited

12. Does everyone play?
Does, everyone plays. Pop Warner has a Minimum Mandatory Play Rule(MPR) based on team size. These are the number of plays that each player must play per game.

Tackle Football - 8U, 10U, 12U
6-25 players – 10 plays
26-30 players – 8 plays
31-35 players – 6 plays

Tackle Football - 8U
16-25 Players – 12 plays
26-30 Players – 10 plays
31-35 Players –  8 plays

13. What equipment is needed?
Seymour Pop Warner provides most equipment needed to participate. Football players need to purchase cleats, athletic supporter and cup. All other equipment is provided by Seymour Pop Warner.
Cheerleaders will need to purchase uniform, cheer sneakers, body suits, bloomers and hair pieces. Warm up suits are optional.
Flag Football players need to purchase cleats.  All other equipment is provided by Seymour Pop Warner.

14. How many games are played?
There will be 2 preseason football scrimmages and a football jamboree along with 8 regular season games. (4 home & 4 away) Home games are played at Seymour High School. There will generally be at least one post season game for all the 4 levels.
Cheerleaders participate in the NCTPW Cheer Competition with the chance of moving on to Regionals and then Nationals. They also can participate in the Connecticut Spirit Competition. Cheerleaders will cheer as long as their football teams are playing in playoffs or they are competing in the NCTPW, Regional or National cheer competitions. 

15. When are the games?
Game times for each season are not confirmed until mid August of the current season.
**Football Players must be at games 1.5 hour before game time for weigh in & warm up.
** Cheerleaders must be at games 1.0 hour before game time for warm up.

16. How do the players get to the away games?
Seymour Pop Warner does not supply transportation to the games. It is up to parents to get the player there or arrange transportation for him/her.

17. Who covers the costs related to playoff and championship games?
Should any team advance to playoff and/or championship games, all travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of each family. 

18. How can I volunteer?
Seymour Pop Warner is run entirely by volunteers and your help is greatly appreciated. A five hour per season volunteer commitment is required by an adult for each player in the program (maximum 10 hours per family.) A great number of families donate many more than the required hours which has increased the success of our program.

19. Do I need to participate in fundraising?
Yes every participant in our tackle football and cheer programs are responsible to do fundraising.

20. What is the money raised from fundraising used for?
Our annual fundraiser is what keeps our program running. It is used to pay for league dues, insurance, officials, new equipment, free tee shirt to each participant, banquet(football players and cheerleaders go for free) & trophies.

21. What is my financial responsibility if the team qualifies for post season play?
Seymour Pop Warner will start a fundraising campaign for the team(s) that qualify for Regional and National Competitions. Any money raised will be used to pay for the coaches and players with the outstanding balance the responsibility of each participants family. Family members and siblings cost is the responsibility of each family.
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