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Mar, 2019

Pee Wee Coaches Needed

Spring is in the air and that means baseball season is too.  One of the great parts of this community is its' willingness to help out when help is needed.  Well SCLL is in need of some help or should I say our young players are in need of help.  We need 1-2 additional Pee Wee baseball coaches in order to allow all players who have requested to play in the league a home.  We understand that some may want to volunteer but be hesitant based on lack of knowledge of baseball or fear of the commitment required.  Here is what is needed to help these kids have a place to play baseball this year:

  • Willingness to work with kids
  • Willingness to have fun
  • Ability to learn and teach baseball fundamentals
  • Willingness to promote good sportsmanship, teamwork
  • Practice and games per week based on schedule, but typically 6 hours per week or around there

We can help with the baseball fundamentals and give you a baseline, but we need 1-2 volunteers for Head coaches and an additional 2-4 willing to be assistant coaches.  If we can get some volunteers to create 2 additional teams we can limit rosters to 13 (based on current wait list) and provide everyone a chance to play.  The reality is if we don't have the volunteers we will have to turn kids who would like to play away so please if you can help out please let us know and we will help you have a fun productive season and meet some great kids and parents in the process.  Many thanks in advance for being willing to step up.

If you can help, please contact Brian Prennatt at [email protected]

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