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Program Information

FSK Jr Eagles Baseball offers youth baseball opportunities to children ages 4-10. A typical spring season starts in March and ends in June and a typical fall season starts in July and ends in October.


   Tee ball
 is for players ages 4 to 6.    
    Our focus is to introduce players to the basics of the game -- hitting a pitched ball, base running, and fundamental defensive play. While sessions        are non-competitive, establishing essential skills early helps improve a player's performance at the next level.

8U is for players ages 7 to 8.  
    Coaches will focus on individual skill improvement. Players will be introduced to competition at this level, although the main focus remains on skills      development and having fun. Play is designed to give the player every opportunity to develop their skills.
10U is for players ages 9 to 10.  
     In addition to individual skills development, team strategies will be introduced at this level - the game played will resemble the "true" game of               baseball. While there is an increased emphasis on competition, the primary objective continues to be the development of skills, knowledge, and           enjoyment through participation.

     12U is for players ages 11 to12.
      At this level, most players have gained a good knowledge of the game and have developed the fundamental skills needed. Coaches continue to         develop individual skills and advanced team strategies. Players at this level will continue to refine their skills.

     13 to 14 is for players ages 13 to14.
      Players at this level will begin to understand the subtleties of the team game and have the chance to develop their skills into a total                              offensive/defensive package.

All participants will receive a baseball jersey and a hat. Players will need to provide their own uniform pants, belt, and socks.

Practices are typically held 2-3 times weekly at the Union Bridge Community Center Park fields, at the New Windsor Lions Club field, or New Windsor Siebel Fields. Coaches may add practice times when games start depending on field availability and team availability.

There are approximately 12-14 games per season which are played on various league fields located throughout the regional area.


The following items need to be provided by each player:  
  • Baseball glove
  • Cleats
  • Protective cup/athletic supporter for 8U and up
  • Optional:  Bats, batting helmets, batting gloves

Executive Board

2018 FSK Jr Eagles Board Members

President - Brian Clinton
Vice President - Andy Bohn
Treasurer and Program Coordinator - Jenn Griffin
Secretary - Wyatt Griffin