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2019 Swim Registration

Mt. Springs Swim Team Registration Process 
We're making memories, let's make them good ones! 
Sign up by May 14th!

1. Stingrays Division (competing team)
a. Child’s parent/guardian must be a member of Mt. Springs Swim Club.
i. Parent/guardian’s membership and any related fees must be paid in full to participate.
b. Child must be age 4-17 years old.
c. A child 8 years old and younger must be able to swim one lap (25 yards) across the pool without assistance.
d. A child 9 years old or older must be able to swim 50 yards without assistance.       
e. Cost (per child):                                                    
  i. Member of Mt. Springs Swim Club
                 1.  $75.00 (cash/check)
                 2.  $77.25 (if pay online)
ii. Non-member: not applicable; Must have a pool membership to participate.
    f. Season: May 13–July 15
    g. Register: by May 14th to ensure your child’s name is on the team t-shirt.
2.  Little Stingrays Division (pre-team)
    a. Non-member child (parent/guardian is not a Mt. Springs Swim Club member)  i. Can participate if space allows.
b. Is your 4-8 years old child not quite ready to compete at meets? Join our Little Stingrays group where they can develop skills and confidence and still feel like they are part of the team and can move up to our Stingrays group when ready. 
(Note: Only Mt. Springs Swim Club members can move up.) 
    c. For children who can swim independently across the pool demonstrating basic stroke technique.
d. Swimmers must be comfortable with their faces under water and able to move across the water surface without touching the bottom of the pool.
    e. The goal is to further develop stroke proficiency and endurance and will include basic diving.
f. Children will be assessed and grouped by ability.
    g. Cost (per child):                                                    
        i.   Member of Mt. Springs Swim Club
1.  $125.00 per child (cash/check)
2.  $128.75 (if pay online)                                                   
ii.  Non-member
1.  $150.00 per child (cash/check)
2.  $154.50 (if pay online)                                                 
    h. Season: May 29–July 15
    i. Register: by May 14th to have swimmer's name on the team t-shirt.
3. Age groups for competition:                  
6 & under (4-6 years old)  8 & under   
9-10 years old 11-12 years old               
13-14 years old 15-17 years old 

-   A child, whose birthday is during the RCSL season, might 'age up' into the next age group mid-season.   
-   A child who turns 9 years old will go from swimming 25-yard distances to 50- yard distances.  
-   A child 'ages out' of the league upon turning 18 years old. 
-   A child who participates in the 6 & under individual Freestyle event (only event in 6 & under group) may also compete in two 8 & under individual events (other than Freestyle) and all 8 & under relays.   

Let's keep it stress-free! Our registration goal is to handle all the details (waivers, forms, volunteer sign-ups, payment, etc.) upfront.  That starts with registering online. All required commitments (described below) must be made, and payment received prior to swimmer participation.

1. Register each child, Stingrays or Little Stingrays Division    
2. Child City Meet Waiver (Stingrays only. RCSL requirement)  
3. Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet (RCSL requirement) *      
4. Emergency Medical Treatment Permission Form        
5. Medical Condition Form 
6. Pool Rules
7. Unsupervised Child Form (print, fill out, & give to swim team coordinator)
8. Parent Expectations 
9. Adult City Meet Waiver (If parent swims in a parent relay.)
         a. Swim in a parent relay at City Meet. Your child will love it! It’s only 25 yards!
 * Read & review with your child PRIOR to starting the online registration process. You will be able to view and print out forms for your records during online registration. ONLY print and turn in form #4. Print and turn in forms #5 and #7 if applicable.

REQUIRED COMMITMENTS (Stingrays Division only)
1. Dual Meets: Sign up your child for each dual meet they will swim.  
2. City Meet: Sign up your child for each City Meet day they will swim July 13-14. NOTE: We need every swimmer at City Meet. Where the team finishes at City Meet determines in which league we’ll compete next year. 
- Swimmers must participate in at least two dual meets to be eligible for City Meet.
3. Volunteer commitment:
a. Swim team and all swim meets are run entirely by volunteers (except coaches). Every family must commit to volunteer at least three times during the season at dual swim meets or other swim team related event/service. (Sign- up yourself, your spouse, a relative, friend, neighbor, teenager, etc.) 
b. Dual Meet Season: (MUST volunteer 3 times)  
i.  MUST sign up online during the registration process. Click on ‘VOLUNTEER’ header on the online registration form to hyperlink to the SignUp Genius. Search on “[email protected]” to find the sign ups.
c. City Meet: ALL families with a swimmer participating in MORE THAN 2 events are required to cover at least ONE City Meet job shift.  This is in addition to the three volunteer times required for the dual meet season. Jobs include officiating (must be certified), RCSL jobs (whatever RCSL jobs are assigned to MTSP this year) OR one of the new jobs listed in the SignUp Genius.
i.  Exceptions: You are a swim team representative or a chairperson.  
4. FEES (Stingrays AND Little Stingrays)
    a. Stingrays and Little Stingrays (per swimmer)                       
        i.  Payment must be received prior to participation. 
ii.  Refer to Stingrays and Little Stingrays for related division cost.        
    b. Additional fees:                                   
        i.   Stingrays: awards, recognition, celebrations: $6.00 per swimmer 
ii.  Stingrays Banquet: $12.00/ per person, July 15th, 6:00 p.m. (Location: TBD)
       iii.  Appreciation Gift for each Coaches: $5.00 (suggested contribution)
5. Stingrays Team Spirit Gear (optional)
    a. Swim team t-shirt: $15.00
    b. Stingrays swim cap: $10.00
    c. Stingrays team swim suit: TYR Brandello Blue (Female- $42.00, Male -$31.00) 
i.   Purchase at First Place Athletics, 820 Regal Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35801.
ii.  Purchase at Swim Team Kick-off Party.
iii. Swimmers may also use last year’s team swim suit.
6. Payment options:    
    a. Register and pay online by credit card. 
i. Note: DICK's/Blue Sombrero does not profit from online payments.
    b. Register online and pay by cash/check to “Mt. Springs Swim Club”
         i.  Payment must be separate from Mt. Springs membership dues & fees.           
ii.  Stingrays, Make payment at an event: 
1.  Parent/Guardian Orientation on Sunday, May 5th (6:00- 7:00 p.m.) 
2.  Swim Team Kick-off Party on Monday, May 13th (4:30- 6:30 p.m.) 
iii.  Stingrays/Little Stingrays:
1.  Put payment in an envelope & mail or drop off to 611 Cleermont Dr SE, 35801. 

Stingrays (competing team; 4-17 yrs old)

Registration closes on 06/05/2019 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 05/14/2019 to 07/15/2019
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Little Stingrays (have not competed; 4-8 yrs old)

Registration closes on 06/04/2019 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 05/28/2019 to 07/15/2019
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