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Things you may want to know about registration

Soccer Age Groups

Soccer age groups are now designated by grade instead of by age as they have been in the past. For example, instead of "U6" for "Under the age of 6", this group is now designated as "GK" for "Grade - Kindergarten". Likewise, "G1" is for "1st Graders", "G2" is for "2nd Graders" and so forth up through "G8" for "8th Graders".

Players generally play with their classmates from school. Under extraordinary circumstances and only with club approval, players may be allowed to "play up" or "play down" one group level.

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Soccer Programs

The West Hills Junior Soccer Club (WHJSC) runs three programs of recreational soccer:

  • GK-G8 (Kindergarten through Middle School) Fall recreational soccer
  • G9-G12 (High School) Fall, coed, recreational soccer.
  • TOPSOCCER ("The Outreach Program for Soccer") A community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities. Year round.

While not part of our regular program, some of our teams participate in a separate league of spring recreational soccer.

The WHJSC does not currently offer a program of competitive soccer.

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Service Area

Our programs are open to all residents of Oregon.

The normal service area for the WHJSC is the Beaverton School District attendance area for the following public elementary schools:

  • Greenway
  • McKay
  • Montclair
  • Raleigh Hills
  • Raleigh Park

Students at OES, Jesuit, Beaverton and Southridge high schools and Whitford Middle School are within our service area.

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Proof of Age

Upon request, all players must provide proof of age for their date of birth. This can be a copy of any legal document including, but not limited to, a birth certificate or passport.

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Late Fees and Refunds

Early registrations are strongly encouraged to assist the efficient formation of teams and the scheduling of practices and games. Returning G1-G8 players will be charged a late registration fee after June 15th.

On-time registrations have priority for team assignment and for any special requests.

A refund of membership fees will be provided upon an e-mail request, provided that request is sent before the player’s second scheduled game. Please note that a non-refundable OYSA fee ($11 for GK-G2 and $13 for G3-HS) is charged to every completed registration.

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Girls or Mixed Team

GK and HS are coed, all others are split gender.

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Uniforms and Equipment

The registration fee does not cover the cost of any equipment.

Every player is required to wear an official club jersey, black knee-high socks and shorts (with no pockets), shinpads and soccer shoes. Soccer shoes do not have a "toe-cleat".

Used equipment may be acquired from a previous club member.

Jerseys come in sizes from Youth Medium to Adult X-Large and in two styles. The orange and white reversible jersey is used for age groups GK-G2. The V-neck (chevron-style) orange and black jersey is used for all other age groups.

New jerseys are available only from Tursi's the Soccer Store, located at 3122 SW 87th Ave (across from the West Slope Post Office), phone 503-297-2241. New this year Order online! The reversible jersey for GK-G2 is $20. The chevron-style jersey for G3 and above is $18. Jersey numbers are applied by Tursi’s at no extra cost. Please note player names are not allowed on jerseys per league rules. 

Club members receive a discount at Tursi’s the Soccer Store. Tursi's offers a discounted "kit" or equipment package with shorts, socks, shin guards, balls, and shoes. And a 15% discount is available on all other open stock. Please identify yourself as a member of the WHJSC to receive this discount.

For safety reasons, jewelry of all kinds is prohibited both at practices and at games. (Earrings must be removed while the player is on the field.)

Players GK, G1 and G2 use a size 3 soccer ball. Players G3-G6 use a size 4 ball and players G7 and above use a size 5 ball.

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Team Formation

Under club rules, the registrar and the age group coordinator (AGC) have the responsibility for team formation. Registration date, team size, competitive balance, previous team assignment and special requests are all taken into consideration. Club rules promote fairness to all.

Coaches have no role in and will not be consulted about team assignment.

The teams will not exceed the new maximum sizes which have been adjusted to the "ideal" team size.

Age GroupMaximum Roster Size

* individual coaches may have more than one "team"

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Special Circumstances

Players generally play with their classmates from school. Under extraordinary circumstances and only with club approval, players may be allowed to "play up" or "play down" one group level. An e-mail request to this effect is required from the parent or legal guardian every year.

The WHJSC does not allow players to "double roster" simultaneously on recreational and competitive teams.

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