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May, 2019


Why have so many programs switched from Pop Warner to AAU Cheerleading?
-In short, for your athletes!  AAU offers a much more competitive learning environment for cheerleading than our previous conference could offer.  Now, we coach and choreograph using the United States All-Star Federation rules and guidelines which means that your athlete will have the opportunity to learn more advanced skills than ever before.  Switching to AAU gives us the opportunity to better prepare your athletes for a longer cheerleading career- middle schools, high schools, colleges and all-star programs do NOT use YCADA or Pop Warner Guidelines.  We offer a full-year competition program as well as sideline cheerleading, the very best of both worlds for whatever road your cheerleader hopes to travel!

What about the fees?
-As always, the fees are decided upon by each program coordinator and their respective Board of Directors.  For OPAA, our fees have not changed and you will get a BETTER experience for the same cost.  We are constantly committed to improving our athletic program and offer a wide-variety of fundraisers each year to assist with the cost of competing to families- we will always strive to keep our programs as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality or commitment!   

Will we still compete?
-Absolutely! And MORE than ever before.  Previously, our athletes attended a maximum of three competitions per fall season.  With our new program, we can attend as many as we would like!  Contact your program coordinator for more information.

What about Regionals and Nationals?
-Each program can still offer the same high-quality competitions outside of Pop Warner, however, we will be setting the goal HIGH with Quest Nationals at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in March 2020!  Athletes can get paid and at-large bids to Quest Nationals at other Varsity cheerleading competitions throughout the season. 

Will we still have insurance?

- YES! Each athlete will have personal insurance coverage through AAU.

Will we still attend football games?
- 100%!  Sideline and Full-year competition squads will be available!

For more information on the new changes to recreational cheerleading, please contact Mandi Herndon at [email protected]