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Aug, 2022

Board of Directors Election

The Orange Park Athletic Association (OPAA) is a Florida Chartered, Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation.  Its’ Federal Tax ID Number is 52-1287647.  

OPAA’s membership is made up of all registered participants in its athletic programs and their parents and legal guardians.  Membership is also provided for volunteers who are actively involved in the association’s official activities. OPAA’s Board of Directors governs the association and they are elected from its membership each fall.  Any member of OPAA can run for a position of Director.  The Directors elect an Executive Board, also known as officers, each year.  The Officers essentially operate the park.  Among the duties of the Officers are the establishing rules and regulations, appointing committee chairpersons, handling financial transactions and presenting its plans and actions to the Directors for approval.

Our association is currently looking to fill positions for Directors in the upcoming fall vote.  We would like you to consider nominating someone for the ballot.  Some of the duties of the Directors include, but are not limited to: attending a minimum of one monthly meeting, volunteering or representing OPAA at Community sponsored events, fundraising, and aiding in official business or decisions across all park leagues and programs.  Board meetings are generally held once every month.

The park has seen tremendous growth and opportunity over the last year, and in order to continue that success we need help from compassionate individuals who are looking to make a difference in their community.  It is with that desire, we work for the benefit of “One park, One purpose”- success for all families and athletes whom we are entrusted with. 

For further information, please contact [email protected]  We look forward to speaking with you!