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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in the Carolina Outlawz Youth Football & Cheerleading Sports Program?
Carolina Outlawz Youth ages 4 to 13 yrs. Old (up to 14 Yrs. Old for spring Program)

What is the Cost/Fees?
Football Players $125
Cheerleaders $100

What is included with my fees?
Insurance, Helmet rental, Shoulder pads rental, Game Jersey rental. Participation, 15 Weeks of skill/technique training, 8 Weeks Regular season games of play, Award Ceremony!

Cheerleaders: Insurance, Uniform, Award Ceremony.

Signing up for Carolina Outlawz Football or Cheerleading is inexpensive. A typical registration fee for each participant ranges on average from about $100 to $125 for the season. That comes to less than $2.00 per hour your child is on the field.


After I pay my registration fees are there any other fees involved?
Yes. Each Carolina Outlawz member has a commitment to support fund raising activities as established by the Board. Registration fees take care of administrative costs and help in offsetting equipment costs, but they do not begin to cover some of the other expenses associated with this sport. Some of the additional expenses fund raising pays for are:

1.  Field costs - we do not get the use of the school facilities for free.

2.  Insurance on each and every player.

3.  Referee fees for home games

4.  Year round storage rental fees for equipment. This includes not only the hundreds of pieces of football and cheer equipment, but all field equipment as well.

5.  And, of course, re-certification of equipment and replacement of equipment due to loss, theft and non-return of equipment from players and parents, and normal wear and tear costs. This alone runs thousands of dollars each year.

Fund raising commitments are met by Carolina Outlawz fund raisers, company sponsorships, and/or parent and corporate donations. All families are encouraged to participate in fund raising and finding sponsors to help donate to your team.


Is your program restricted weight or unlimited weight?
The Carolina Outlawz is an Unlimited Weight program where kids of all sizes get a chance to play Football/Cheer without the worry of their weight restriction, big or small.

Are there tryouts to make a team?
No, there are no tryouts to make a team. But we do play competitive football and in competitive leagues. So understand that our program is suited for those who embrace competition and a higher level of youth football. (This is not rec league football). There is however limits to the number of players allowed on the roster. Positions will be assigned at the discretion of the coaches players will be assigned to a position that best suits their ability and the needs of the team.

How many players are allowed on a team?
Our goal is to have between 20-25 players per team and 20-25 Cheerleaders. This may vary depending on number of children at each level.

Does everyone play?
Yes, everyone plays. Some more than others. However each child will receive ample playing time based upon effort and ability to protect himself on the football field. Most of their experience will come during practice days. For safety reasons Coaches must feel that the child has progressed with fundamentals and aggressiveness. Each child develops this at a different pace. Parents must be patient with the process. Some kids in our program have had multiple seasons of playing experience at a young age. Due to them participating in both our Spring and Fall Programs. We expect hard work and effort to be exhibited at all times.

If registration is not completed by the first game, can the player still participate?
A player will not be allowed to play until registration and all paperwork is completed. The player may sit on the sidelines and watch practice and games until the required paperwork is turned in.

Where, When and How often is practice?
Practices will be held at University Meadows Elementary School,                               1600 Pavilion Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28262 
Fall Practice: Begins July 2017 and runs 2-3 times a week until the first game.
Normal practice times will be from 6:15-8:15pm Tues, Thurs and 12:00pm – 2:00pm Saturdays
After the first game we will no longer practice on Saturdays 

Isn’t it really hot out then?
It sure is! It is imperative that your child drink plenty of water during the football season. This includes the night before practice and during the day before practice. We cannot stress this enough. DRINK WATER!

How many practices must my child attend to play in a game?
Vacations should be scheduled prior to the first practice (if at all possible). Taking a week from practice, not only puts your player at a disadvantage, but also hurts the entire team. Attendance is crucial to a successful and FUN season. Before playing a game, each player must participate in 9 practices.

What equipment is needed?
Carolina Outlawz provides most equipment needed to participate. 

Football Cleats, Mouth guards, Girdle, 7pc pad sets practice jersey and pants, need to be purchased by each participant.

How do the players get to the away games?
Carolina Outlawz does not supply transportation to the games. It is up to the parents to get the players there or arrange transportation to have players arrive on time.

How can I help?
Carolina Outlawz is run entirely by volunteers and your help is greatly appreciated. A volunteer form is available online when you register your child/ren, and will describe the specific areas where you can help out.

When will I know what team my Child will be on?
Carolina Outlawz is Age based program Tiny Mites 5U, Mighty Mites 7U, Jr Varsity 9U, Varsity 11U, Elite Prep 13U. Age cut off, as of July 31, 2017.

Do I need to remain at the practice field with my child?
Yes. You must have your child at practice 5 minutes before your scheduled practice time and you MUST arrive 15 minutes before the end of practice. By arriving 15 minutes before the end of practice, coaches will have ample time to discuss with you any concerns regarding your child.
Think Safety! - Be there on-time or contact your child’s coach when needed to advise them of a delay. Especially the younger children in our program. We're sure any coach would take a few extra minutes to stay with your child in the event of a delay in arrival.
It is also mandatory to have an emergency contact during practice hours in the event of illness or injury.
Do not leave siblings at the field unattended. Coaches are responsible for the supervision of players only.

How will we know when football practices or games are cancelled due to weather conditions?
Carolina Outlawz will only cancel league wide functions when the weather poses a danger to the children, lightning or extreme heat. We will do our utmost to post any cancellations or changes on the website 1 hour prior to practice. We will also send out emails to all registered participants.

Do your coaches have any training?
Yes, all of our coaches are volunteers, but we do ask them to have training classes. This includes Concussion Awareness and USA Football coaching certifications

Why do football coaches yell so much?
Let us answer this way... Imagine if you invited 25 boys over to your home, put pads and helmets on them and told them to hit each other as hard as they can, knock each other down and then do it again, and again... and again, what do you think would happen?

It would be chaos, mayhem, arguing, eventual name calling, fist fighting and perhaps even a call from your neighbors asking you to move. I’m not sure a polite “Let’s calm down now boys” would cut it. The answer to this question is--coaches will demand complete attention and sometimes they demand it loudly. This is a contact sport and coaches are responsible for teaching the kids not only how to play football, but how to do it properly so no one gets hurt. This requires a lot of cooperation, teamwork and respect for each other and to this end; coaches will make sure they are heard.

When are the games?
Fall Season:  First game TBD

What teams do we play?
Fall Season: We will participate in the Southland United Youth Football and Cheer League. Teams and locations are located in the league website,  

Does my child need to have a physical?
Yes, each year your child will need to have a sports physical on file with the office before he/she participates in practice or games.

Besides a sports physical, are there any other documents that I will need to provide?
Yes, your child's original birth certificate with raised seal, current report card, Sports physical and a signed copy of the code of ethics must also be on file before he/she participates in practice or games.

Do you offer multiple child discounts?
We are offering discounted rates if you have 2 or more children in the program. The first participant must pay full price ($125). Each additional participant thereafter will pay $100.00 for registration. To be eligible for this discount, registered participants must either reside in the same household or be registered by the same parent or legal guardian. This discount does not extend to friends or relatives outside of the home who are not dependents of or who are not under the custody of the registering party (parent/guardian).

Do you offer any payment plans?
There is a payment option available to those interested.  We will not issue or distribute any equipment or uniforms to participants who have outstanding balances remaining on their fees. Please register online and to set up payment plan or contact Ashley Okafor (980-365-1529) for more information or to set up payment schedules.

When are the games?
All games are held on Saturday.  

Can I get a Refund?
All cost and fees are NON REFUNDABLE, except for a medical reason, (must provide documentation signed by a physician). Due to we are a nonprofit program and all monies are used to maintain the up-keep and function of the program no fees will be refunded

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