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League City Little League


Challenger (league age 4 to 22)  - This is a division specifically for special needs players (qualifying disability or special needs condition) that would like the experience of a team sport and teaches a love of the game of baseball. Each player is able to participate at the level they feel comfortable. These are our most special players!

Tball (league age 5 and 6) - This is the beginner division for Little League. It is a coach-pitch T-ball where the player has 3 attempts to hit the ball off the coach (thrown underhand) and then the Tee is used if necessary. The focus is on the fundamentals of throwing, catching and hitting and basic sportsmanship is taught. No score is kept nor standings kept in the tball division.

Rookie (league age 6 and 7) - This is our entry level machine pitch division. The Rookie division focuses on the fundamentals of hitting a ball at a faster and more consistent speed. Coaches feed the balls through a pitching machine that provides the kids with a consistent, straight pitch at 40mph. At this division, you truly start to experience a true game of baseball as kids begin to have a grasp of the rules and their strengths and skills are being honed. The players will learn to work together in this division and depend on one another to make plays.

Dixie (league age 7 and 8) - This is our upper level machine pitch division. The Dixie division focuses on continuing to expand on the fundamentals of hitting the ball at a consistent speed and the machine speed is moved up to 42MPH. In this division the game is played on a standard little league size field and the game is more competitive with stealing allowed.

AAA (league age 9) - This is our entry level kid-pitch division. The AAA division introduces kids to live pitching. Coaches spend a lot of time teaching the fundamentals of how to pitch and hitting a ball from a pitcher.

Texas (league age 10 and 11*)
- This is our highest minor-league division. In the Texas division, players' skills are developing rapidly as arm strength increases, pitching improves, and overall hand-eye coordination matures. Teams in the division begin to operate as a cohesive unit. Coaches continue to emphasize fundamentals of the game while emphasizing sportsmanship and teamwork.

Major (league age 11 and 12) - The Majors division is for our oldest players. This division provides the most advanced baseball at LCLL. Players understanding of the game increases as we prepare them as best we can for life after little league. Our goal is to produce players that have character, courage, and loyalty, the traits embodied by Little League Baseball.

*(All league age 11 year olds will be required to register for the major division and should there not be enough room in the major division after all 12 year olds are placed on a team, those remaining 11 year olds will be placed in the Texas division. Any requests for an 11 year old to stay in the Texas division must be submitted to the league VP and approved by the executive committee)