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May, 2020

NLL 2020 Season Cancelled

Neartown Little League Community,

The Neartown Little League’s (NLL) board hopes that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times.  It is important that we stay positive and do our individual part to help the community. Covid-19 has truly impacted our lives, and we are all in uncharted territory.  I am extremely disappointed that the NLL community has not been able to get together for an amazing fun and memorable Spring 2020 baseball season.  We would typically be enjoying the playoff games right now.

With the fields unoccupied, NLL has been able to make some necessary improvements and modifications to the field and to the park area.  If you have not had an opportunity to check out the new covered dugouts, new water fountain, redone bleachers, and new safe field entrance gates etc., you should consider checking these out sometime this summer.  We are also working on additional improvements at Weber Field, such as adding a batting cage.  Just waiting for the final approval from HPARD. 

Covid-19 phase 2 of the re-opening plan occurred May 18. Based on the Standard Health Protocol for restarting Youth Sports Operations in Texas and restrictions by the insurance company for Little League International, the board has met and voted. It is with deep regret and great sadness that Neartown Little League announces;

Spring 2020 Baseball Season has been officially canceled.

The cancellation of the 2020 baseball season has not been an easy decision and one that the NLL Board has discussed often and with great consideration. We appreciate all those who took the time to complete the online survey regarding the potential restarting of the spring season. The NLL board feels that cancelling the season is in the best interest for our league and the community. The safety of our kids and families is of course our #1 priority.  All leagues have been given an extensive checklist and safeguard requirements prior to restarting their baseball season.  Little League Checklist and Texas Youth and Sport Checklist. This, amongst other things has caused the NLL Board and our fellow Little League communities to cancel the 2020 Season. This message of cancelling the 2020 Baseball Season is one that no league president looks forward to delivering. I know that there will be many emotions associated with this decision. We will all remember this year even though we were not able to have a true NLL season. 

After all required Spring 2020 expenses have been paid, NLL is able to offer a partial refund for the season. NLL has many required early season expenses which includes uniforms, player and field equipment, rental for 2020 tryouts, field preparation etc. We appreciate your understanding. The NLL community will have the following 2 options for the partial refund of the 2020 spring registration fees paid;

  1. Request a refund in the amount of $100 per player.
  2. Donate the funds to NLL for the field improvements (dugouts, batting cages etc.)

If you wish to donate the funds to NLL, no action is required. However, if you wish to receive a partial refund, please send an email to: [email protected] and [email protected] subject: Refund request. We will need the following information to property process your request:

Players Full Name

Address for refund payment

Amount Paid for the 2020 Spring Season

Date of Payment

All requests must be received no later than June 8, 2020.

Please continue to check the NLL webpage at

The NLL Board is hoping that our NLL community will pull together for a fun Fall 2020 and an amazing Spring 2021.  Please consider volunteering and joining our league committees.  If you are interested, please email [email protected] subject: Volunteer and/or check out our website for upcoming specific open positions.  Together, we can make this league GREAT!

For our 12-year-old Majors players, who will not be able to play their last season of traditional Little League, NLL intends to honor these players in the Fall Season.
  Stay tuned for details.

The NLL board is now focusing on what is required for a safe and fun fall season and how best to safely operate our league going forward. We would welcome your involvement in helping NLL create strong and good safety protocols for a true and successful baseball league. If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please email @ [email protected] and [email protected] subject: Safety CommitteeNLL needs a strong committee in order to proceed with next season.  We will need 2 members from the NLL community from each Division.  We hope you will strongly consider volunteering your time.

We would like to extend an incredibly special “Thank You” to our league sponsors this year. We are forever grateful for your commitment to our community and this league.   Learn more about NLL Sponsors here:

NLL 2020 Sponsors

NLL would also like to extend a giant “Thank you” to our coaches and volunteers. We are truly an amazing league because of you. Thank you all so very much for your continued dedication and commitment to NLL league.  Should you have any additional questions, please contact NLL at [email protected].

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Shannon Petrick
President NLL




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