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May, 2020

Questions and Answers 2020 Spring Season

Neartown Little League – (NLL) Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is the 2020 Season Cancelled?

A: Yes.  The 2020 Season has been cancelled.

Q: When will NLL open again?

A: NLL plans to open for the Fall 2020 season with the season starting in early September.  Keep an eye out for the Fall registration late summer.


Q: Will there be any refund for the Spring 2020 season?

  • A: NLL is able to offer a partial refund for the season. These are unprecedented times, and we appreciate your understanding and patience. The NLL community will have the following 2 options for the partial refund of the 2020 spring registration fees paid;
  1. Request a refund in the amount of $100 per player.
  2. Donate the funds to NLL for the field improvements (dugouts, batting cages etc.)


Q: What are the steps for requesting a refund?

A: Send an email to: Subject: Refund

Provide the following information on your email request:

  • Players Full Name
  • Address for refund payment
  • Amount Paid for Spring 2020
  • Date of Payment


Q: When is the due date for all refund requests?

A: All requests must be received no later than June 8, 2020.


Q: What if I wish to donate my refund to help support NLL with their field improvements?

A: If you wish to generously donate your refund, there is no action needed.  We greatly appreciate your donation and commitment to helping make NLL great.


Q: What are some of the steps NLL is doing for the next season?

A: Review and implement Little League and Texas mandatory checklist and add additional safety measures where needed.

 Little League Checklist and Texas Youth Sports Checklist


Q: Who is on the Safety Committee for NLL?

A: This Committee is new.  We will need our NLL community to step up and volunteer their time and help ensure NLL is doing everything possible for a safe league.

  • Contact [email protected] subject: Safety Committee to be considered for the committee.


Field Status

Open Open

HNLL Heights Norhill Fields (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field 2 (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Weber (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Batting Cage (11:51 PM | 02/21/18)

Open Open

Field (06:49 PM | 02/07/20)

Open Open

Carnegie Vanguard HS (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Batting Cage (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

MMSC Haddon (02:24 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Field (10:45 AM | 02/26/20)

Open Open

POLL Post Oak Fields (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

Open Open

Pin Oak (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

WLL Westbury Fields (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

Open Open

Field A (05:03 PM | 02/25/20)

Open Open

Field B (05:17 PM | 03/30/21)