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NLL Registration

Spring Ball: Boundaries


What are the boundaries for Neartown Little League?

Please view our boundary map.  NLL boundaries are green.

If I live outside the boundaries, may I still register?

Yes, You may register if your child attends a school located within the NLL boundary and your child is in Kindergarten or older. For more information please check out the About NLL tab and click on the NLL Boundary Map tab.  
2021 LL AGE CHART : Click on the Link below.
ll age chart 2021.pdf

Spring Ball: Registration requirements

Spring Ball: Proof of residency and or age documentation

Proof of Residency can be provided through NLL registration or at NLL Tryouts.  If your player is MP or higher and wishes to be considered for Neartown Little League tournaments over the summer, proof of residency and / or age documentation is required.  

NLL requests that you bring the necessary paperwork on or before Opening Day.

You must provide:

1.  Copy of birth certificate. ( Original birth certificate will be required for all players selected to represent NLL in tournaments.  At this point, NO copies will be accepted. Original will be required and returned.)

2.  Proof of residency documents: 1 document from each of the 3 different Group below:

Group 1:
Driver's License
School Records
Vehicle Records
Employment Records
Insurance Document

Group 2:
Welfare/Child care Records
Federal Records
State Records
Local Records (Municipal)
Support Payment
Homeowner or tenant records
Military records

Group 3:
Voters Registration
Utility Bills
Financial records
Medical Records
Internet, cable or satellite records

What equipment does the league provide?

The league will provide all players with a jersey & hat.  A belt will be provided to all MP and higher.  All players will purchase their own pants once the coach has informed the players of the team pant color. You can purchase these during the Academy League Weekend where a discount is provide to all NLL players.  Ask your coach for more details.

What do I need to purchase?

Your child will need a glove, batting helmet,  and appropriate shoes.  Due to Covid, all players are now required to have their own set of individual equipment.  If you are in need of financial assistance, please check out the scholarship tab provided by NLL and the amazing sponsors.  It is also helpful to have a bag to carry all of your child's equipment.

How many kids per team? 

Teams will typically have between 10-12 players.

 How many games will we play in a season? 

Typically 12 games for the regular season.


Can my daughter play NLL?

All boys and girls who live within the NLL boundaries are eligible to play.  We welcome your daughter to play.   For the younger divisions (TB/CP)  we will try to put at least 2 girls on a team if possible. MP and older, team selection is a true draft so we cannot guarantee multiple girls will be on the same team.

Can I request to be on a certain team or with a specific friend?

You may enter any requests during registration.  We attempt to honor requests in the TB and CP divisions, but we cannot guarantee them.  MP and older, team selection is a true draft and it is hard to honor a coach or team requests. 

Field Status

Open Open

HNLL Heights Norhill Fields (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field 2 (05:20 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

West Gray Park (09:10 PM | 08/15/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (09:10 PM | 08/15/21)

Open Open

Weber (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Batting Cage (11:51 PM | 02/21/18)

Open Open

Field (06:49 PM | 02/07/20)

Open Open

Carnegie Vanguard HS (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Batting Cage (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

Field (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

MMSC Haddon (02:24 PM | 10/09/19)

Open Open

Field (10:45 AM | 02/26/20)

Open Open

POLL Post Oak Fields (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

Open Open

Pin Oak (05:21 PM | 03/30/21)

Open Open

WLL Westbury Fields (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

Open Open

Field A (05:03 PM | 02/25/20)

Open Open

Field B (05:17 PM | 03/30/21)