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Feb, 2019

Evaluation dates

There are no evaluations for Tee-Ball or Coach Pitch Divisions. Players will be assigned to teams. Players need to only attend one evaluation date
Player Evaluation Dates
3/3/2019 2:00pm Minor Baseball and Softball 
3/3/2019 3:00pm Major Baseball and Softball
3/6/2019 6:00pm Minor Baseball and Softball
3/6/2019 7:00pm Major Baseball and Softball
Evaluations for Major and Minor Divisions will be held at the Little League complex on Community drive Chincoteague
3/9/2019 1:00pm Junior/Senior Baseball
3/16/2019 1:00pm Junior/Senior Baseball
Evaluations for Junior / Senior Baseball will be held at Chincoteague High School
Junior/ Senior Softball To be announced

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