Our 2022 Board Members
President:  Vernon Merritt 
Vice President:  Jon Britton
Secretary:  Joe Bloxom
Treasurer:  Carla Landolt 
Player Agent Softball:  Bob Berry
Player Agent Baseball:  Craig McComb
VP of Tee Ball:  Todd Tarr
VP of Coach Pitch:  Scott Landolt
VP of Baseball:   Jason Young
VP of Softball:  John Hamilton
VP of Senior Baseball:  Nick Tountas
Safety Officer:  Kevin Stanley
Concession Manager:  Tammy Rosanova
Field Maintenance:  Donnie Matthews

We are still in need of volunteers to fill a few other spots that are still available.  If you are interested in joining and helping the local youth contact one of the above.

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North Accomack Little League

Community Drive Chincoteague Virginia United States 23336

(Last updated 01/15/18 at 10:24 AM )

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