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Welcome to Sutter Area Little League!


Name  Position  Phone  Email

Mike Dunham

League President

(530) 218-1315

[email protected]

Brandon Kesterson

VP of Baseball

(530) 635-7046[email protected]
Josh Amoruso

VP of Softball

(530) 237-6400[email protected]

Shaun Ryon

Player Agent

(530) 228-5124

[email protected]

Melissa Hill


(530) 434-2461[email protected]

Derial McCaw


(530) 635-7951[email protected]

Dave Sims

Safety Director

(530) 870-1500

[email protected]

Tim Rowland

Equipment Manager

(530) 301-9920

[email protected]

Randy Jones

Concessions Manager

(530) 713-2923

[email protected]

Michael Johnson

Field Manager

(530) 415-9960

[email protected]

Mike Ziegenmeyer

Fundraising Manager

(530) 682-4201

[email protected]

Mike Bell

Sponsorship Manager

(530) 635-3161

[email protected]

Joshua BrumleyUmpire in Chief (530) 329-6752 

[email protected]

Amar Gandhi

Media Director/PIO

(916) 201-3464

[email protected]

Sandra McCawBoard Member(530) 635-7695

[email protected]